Ten Tricks, Tips and User Guides for LG Phones

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Your user manual or guide is the key to mastering everything there is to know about your mobile phone, from simple tasks such as dialing and receiving calls and sending SMSs to more complicated tasks such as setting up an Internet connection or transferring a picture via Bluetooth.

Your user guide can also teach you various tricks and give you tips on various issues with your phone. But just in case you’ve lost your guide, or you are not aware of some of the more obscure tricks and you’re looking for some interesting new tips to learn about your LG phone then these guides are for you. You’ll also learn how to search for the best ringtones and wallpapers. We’ve gathered the ten best guides, how to’s, tricks and tips on Bright Hub for you in one article. These are your user guides for LG phones, have fun!

The History of LG

Quick question, what does “LG” stand for? Don’t know? Don’t sweat it. Since this is a virtual tour of all the cool stuff and interesting things on your LG phone, it’s a good idea to learn about the amazing company that made your phone. In this article you’ll learn about the birth and fascinating history of LG, one of the biggest and best electronic manufacturers on the planet.

Guide to the LG Pop GD510

A guide to the blockbuster LG Pop, one of the first truly cheap and easy to use touch-screen feature phones by LG. It is designed to take advantage of the in-built accelerometer by rotating the entire menu UI, and it’s one of the few phones to offer a movie editor and the clever loop around contacts system so you can message them all at once. Then there’s the innovative one button for receiving calls and ending them (later on incorporated into the Nokia N8), the LG Pop was, and is still, a pretty good phone at a very low price.

Guide to the LG Cookie KP500

Essentially the elder brother to the LG Pop, it was a cheap ($150 contract free) touch-screen phone made to rival the original Samsung Star. Although both phones have their respective camps claiming dominance, the LG Cookie was most definitely the more entertainment oriented phone of the two. The phone’s rock bottom price and touch screen sensitivity, 3D UI effects and a slew of innovative features make this a pretty good phone.

Guide to the LG Optimus S

Now let’s move onto a true smartphone, the Android wielding LG Optimus S. Apart from having a pretty cool name, the LG Optimus S firmly established LG as a serious player in the field of new age smartphones. Basic things such as making calls or sending an SMS are done a bit differently on a smartphone, so we’re here to ease the process of acclimating to a smartphone with this handy and easy to understand guide.

How to Change Your Ringtone on the LG Dare

The article title says it all, if you’re new to the LG Dare and wish to change your ringtone, well we’ll hold your hand and walk you through the process in this easy and simple guide. Remember, your ringtone is one of the most important factors in communicating with others, you’ll learn how to set a custom ringtone and how to set a ringtone for certain individuals and groups.

How to Get Ringtones for Any LG Phone

Speaking of ringtones for your LG phone, whether it be the Dare or any other, where can you get some premium ones from? Well, you’re about to find the answer to that question and many more ringtone related questions in this article. You’ll find a list of many websites that supply some pretty awesome ringtones for an LG mobile phone, just keep an eye on your wallet though, this stuff is premium.

How to Transfer Music onto Your LG Phone from a MicroSD card

Now that we’ve dealt with changing ringtones and getting ringtones, how about transferring ringtones? Particularly how about transferring ringtones from a MicroSD card onto your phone? If you’ve got the phone, the MicroSD card slot and the MicroSD card itself, well all you’re missing is this easy guide on how to actually do it.

How to Sync Your LG Phone with a Computer

Syncing your LG phone with a computer can be a big problem if you’re missing the essential driver(s), so if that’s a problem you have, well then here is the solution. This troubleshooting guide is going to help you find, install and successfully sync your LG phone with a PC. You’ll find helpful advice and a ton of resources to help as well – you won’t need to call the tech guy now!

How to Change the Wallpaper on Your LG Phone

The wallpaper of your mobile phone is what primarily defines it as “your phone”, so if you’re not sure how to go about changing and customizing the wallpaper on your LG phone, we’re here to help with this from-the-ground-up, super easy guide. You’ll learn how to change, customize and set all your favorite pictures and wallpaper to make your phone stand out from the crowd, or be a part of the crowd, it’s up to you really.

How to Get Free Wallpaper for Your LG Phone

Changing your wallpaper is a pretty nice and easy thing to do, what about finding all of these cool wallpapers to change and play about with? With this final article you’ll be able to find all the free wallpapers you can stomach and then some. Oh and yes, you heard right, none of that “premium” flavor here, they are all free.