How to Pass the Late Registration Moron Test

How to Pass the Late Registration Moron Test
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Late Registration

Late Registration

As with Old School, the begining of the Moron Test Late Registration is fairly simple. Touch the right buttons, note that the fruit doesn’t belong with the animals and keep in mind the first hint. Don’t trust the next notecard.

Are you Dumb?

Late Registration

You’ll soon be through to what looks like a keypad where you have to dial 555-DUMB, it works like a regular keypad so it’s 5553862.

Keep in mind the hint earlier where you’re told to do the opposite of what the pesky grey notecards say - this is important all the way through, the first instance being when you reach the frogs. You will be asked to touch the biggest frog, touch the smallest on the left!

The next tricky part is touching the orange button 7 times. It will move after the fourth and fifth tap so do this slowly and don’t be fooled into pressing it when it waits 5 seconds after you’re done!

Getting Smarter

Here we come to the second jigsaw puzzle which is a little more difficult as the pieces are on a different screen than the picture, just hit bottom left and you’ll pass to the next screen.

Now for maybe the most clever part of the test… You’ll come to a clock with the instructions, set the time to 6.15, then touch the green clock. Now think outside the box, turn the phone upside down and that’s the time set, it will turn green and add the numbers when you do this so just tap the clock.

Late Registration

See the picture to the left, in this scene you have to touch all of the blue buttons, be quick, be vigilant as they will (shock horror) move! It really isn’t as easy as it looks so keep your eye on the buttons!

You’ll soon be asked to press a red button 5 times. Again this moves and to confuse you even more it will be closely followed by an envelope. The trick to this is when it asks you to click on the note card don’t be tempted to click the envelope by mistake!

Almost Done

Last Registration

Now the last part is where you’ll feel the adrenaline and tension building after having to restart at least 5 times!

Getting a bit trickier you’ll be asked to press the buttons 1 - 9, 8 will move and you’ll need to tap the numbers 1 - 7 and then the space for 9 twice.

Thinking outside the box again you’ll be asked to touch the triangle in the picture, but there is no triangle! The answer is simply to tap the triangle shape in the question and move on.

Here you’ll get some more straightforward questions to relax you before getting a hint which is a jigsaw of a turtle with the bottom left piece missing, keep this in mind for later.

Tap the Jack in The Box and tap the giraffe to close it, and the next screen will ask you to touch the empty glass. Tip it upside down to empty it, tap it and you’re nearly there!

Finally, the last screen is pieces of a jigsaw which you must complete from the last hint. Top right will do it and you’ve made it to genius!

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