How to Pass The Moron Test: Moron Test App Answers

How to Pass The Moron Test: Moron Test App Answers
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Old School

Start by following the instructions on screen, you’ll be asked to press buttons and crack eggs and tap a bee but don’t worry there aren’t any tricks just yet.

moron test

When you get to this screen asking you to press the orange button, then green twice, then blue - be careful because when you press the green button the order of the buttons will change!

Carry on reading and following the instructions - don’t be fooled into rushing and making mistakes.

The Moron Test Hints

moron test

The next trick is when you’re asked to press the green button 5 times… The screen will not change for 5 seconds so do not press it a sixth time or you will be sent to the begining to start again!

Similar to the green button, you will soon reach a red button with the word ‘Continue’ written across it, but a warning above saying ‘do not press the red button’. Do not press it, a rookie mistake which has tripped many before you.

Stay Vigilant

moron test

Shortly after this you’ll reach an egg which you will be asked to crack open. Tap 11 times until the egg is open. Now have your wits about you as this angry duck will pop up for a second and you’ll need to tap it quickly before it runs off the screen.

Now you’ll be given a hint - ‘It’s the green one’. This is very important so remember this for later on.

Be Patient


Now you’ll be asked to press a red button seven times - you’ll want to rush but take your time as it moves.

And just when you’re tap happy you’ll get this screen. Do not be tempted to press it as this isn’t an empty threat!

Now keep going and you’ll get to a compass asking you to tap north then south twice, beware as the south will move to the left after the first tap.


moron test

Okay look at the picture to the right, what is it made up of? 4’s - do not be fooled at this clever attempt to get you to tap ‘A’! It’s getting trickier now.

Next you’ll see an upside down computer mouse asking you to right click. Remember it is upside down so you need to click the left side.

After that you will see the coloured buttons once again with no instructions, here we get to the earlier hint, ‘it’s the green one!’

Final Moron Test Hints

moron test

We’re almost done now, you’ll come to an orange button and be asked to press it 10 times so just take your time as it will move and even change colour. Once it does this leave it until it turns back to orange.

Now to the screen to the left, hint: the answer is in the title.


moron test

Look at this screen carefully, you’ll soon be directed to the next which is pictures you’ll need to tap in the correct order. Remember they’re in alphabetical order.

Finally you’ll see a red arrow pointing down with the instructions to tap the green arrow up, this is clever and may be the best tip of all. You need to turn your phone upside down and the arrow will turn green and once you’ve tapped it you’re a genius. Congratulations!

I hope these Moron Test app answers help you to beat The Moron Test.

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