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Inside Rockstars Live

If you look at the top levels of text-based iPhone RPG popularity you are going to see Rockstars Live somewhere in clear vision. Rockstars Live has been one of the best Storm8 games at attracting an audience, mostly because of a combination between theme and detail in design. There are a lot of different areas, point types and places you can progress in Rockstars Live. This also makes an informational Rockstars blog a well searched item online. Thankfully there is a built in Rockstars Live FAQ function inside of the game. Here is a guide to using that Rockstars Live FAQ feature.

Rockstars Live Forum

When you are in the Rockstars Live Home tab you will find the Help/FAQ button in the right hand column, under the Therapy button, and above the one to look at Rockstars Live Updates. When you are in the Rockstars Live Help/FAQ page you are going to see a few sections. The top Rockstars Live Help section is called Rockstars Live Forum, and is basically what it says. Here is presents the link to the online Rockstars Live Forum, which is Here is where all the Storm8 forums are, not just the Rockstars Live Forum. There is not a connection to the Rockstars Live Forum inside the game so you will have to use Safari or a regular computer.

Rockstars Live Help

Below the Rockstars Live Forum section will be a Rockstars Live blog format called Game Basics. This part of the Rockstars Live Help/FAQ page will lay out every aspect of the game, such as how practicing or playing shows works, and then give you details about how it works. This part is fairly detailed and is a good place to find Rockstars Live help information, especially if you are coming from similar games and are confused about the differences.

Rockstars Live FAQ

Once you get past the Game Basics section of this internal Rockstars Live blog you will get to Common Questions, which is the true Rockstars Live FAQ. This Rockstars Live FAQ section is pretty complete and has a number of different questions that will address concerns or problems that you may have with the game. This Rockstars Live FAQ is going to be good at finding information about things like Reward Points, Chance of Prize, transferring your account, and a range of topics.

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