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Getting Up On the Ninjas Live News

Ninjas Live, even as long as it has been available, is still one of Storm8’s top free text-based iPhone RPGs. The number of players on Ninjas Live remains impressive and there are new things being added and updated all the time. As you go through Ninjas Live, especially when you are new to it, you may easily have questions about its different gaming aspects. One of the best sources is the Ninjas Live FAQ and Help page that is located right inside of the game. Here is a guide to the Ninjas Live Help / FAQ page.

Ninjas Live Help / FAQ

When you are in the Ninjas Live Home tab select Help/FAQ from the right hand column, which sits under My Profile and above Updates. In this Ninjas Live FAQ and Help page you are going to see a number of different details.

The Ninjas Live FAQ is broken down into different sections. The first one is Game Basics and it covers the details about Ninjas Live Missions, how to engage in fighting with other Ninjas Live players, how to shop in the Dojo, what your My Profile page does, all about your Ninjas Live Clan and Clan Codes, how to hire Ninjas Live Clan Members without Clan Codes, how you earn money with the client system, what it means to store that money in the Bank, how to use The Ancestors, and details about the Loot and Hitlist.

The second section in the Ninjas Live FAQ, below Game Basics, is the Common Questions. This section, which is the purest form of the Ninjas Live FAQ, has a number of different questions that range in terms of usefulness. These questions can be specific like “Do my attack and defense skill points apply to my clan members as well?,” or more general like “Why am I at the Healer?” Many of these questions listed in this Ninjas Live Help page will be obvious to those familiar to Ninjas Live, but new comers will often find this useful.

At the bottom of the Ninjas Live Help / FAQ page will be information about contacting Storm8. This will include how to report inappropriate content and when you should contact for technical support.

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