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If you are looking for a Vampire Live FAQ website or a page with a detailed Vampires Live Help list, you do not need to actually go to Safari. Instead you can find a complete Vampires Live FAQ inside of the Vampires Live interface. Here is a guide to the Vampires Live FAQ / Help function.

Vampires Live Help / FAQ

When you are in the Vampires Live Home page, you can find and select the Vampires Live Help / FAQ button in the right hand column, in between the My Profile button and the Vampires Live Updates button. Inside the Vampires Live Help / FAQ page look somewhat like a Vampires Live Blog, but the Vampires Live Updates page is actually modeled in that fashion. Instead, the Vampires Live FAQ give different sections that provide information for Vampires Live.

The top lists the location for the Vampires Live forum, but does not provide a link to it inside. The Vampires Live forum is located at The Vampires Live forum is similar to the other Storm8 forums and may be helpful if you check them often. Below the information about the Vampires Live forums will be a section titled Game Basics.

In this part of the Vampires Live FAQ it covers Missions, How Fighting Works, Abilities, My Profile, Your Clan, Hired Vampires, Slaves, The Blood Bank, The Elders and Hit List. This information is going to be useful for new comers, but it only covers the basic functionality and does not give many value judgments.

After this is the Common Questions for Vampires Live, and this covers questions like “Why don’t I fight with all my abilities?” and “Why doesn’t my blood income add up?” This is worth going through as well and will give you a pretty clear understanding of how Vampires Live works, but you still are going to have to read more help tutorials and play Vampires Live extensively to really understand the process of regular gameplay. This is a very good place to look if you are having trouble getting the fighting system down, especially when it comes to coordinating your blood assets with this.

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