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Storm8’s Rockstars Live continues the trend of including a Bank to store money, yet in this case they did not try to inject the theme into its name. Though the Rockstars Live Bank works similar to other Storm8 free iPhone games, the way you approach it is going to be unique to you and your gaming experience. Here are some tips for storing money in, or avoiding, the Rockstars Live Bank.

Rockstars Live Bank

When you first go into Rockstars Live and are in the Home area select Bank from the right hand column, which is directly under My Profile and above Therapy. If you play a number of other Storm8 games then you are going to find the Rockstars Live Bank familiar. If you have not deposited any money in the Rockstars Live Bank you will simply have a text box for depositing funds, but if you already have a balance then you have text boxes for both withdrawal and deposit. The top of the Rockstars Live Bank display will list your Bank Balance; below that will be the withdrawal text box.

If you want to either withdraw or deposit you just enter the amount you want into the appropriate text box and hit the Withdraw or Deposit buttons, respectively. You entire free cash amount will automatically be entered into the Deposit Amount text box, so you may want to change that if you do not want to deposit all of your money. There is a ten percent fee taken out of all deposits to the Rockstars Live Bank, though withdrawals are completely free.

Rockstars Live Tips

The main reason to use the Rockstars Live Bank is to use the Rockstars Live Therapy. Rockstars Live Therapy, which is where you pay to heal yourself, requires you to pay the bill only from the available balance in the Rockstars Live Bank. This is still not a great idea because it is costly and seldom worth it, especially early on when money is tight. The cost of the deposit fee is also a factor, so in most cases you should just leave your money idle. If you have large cash reserves and are being constantly marauded by other Rockstars Live players then you can begin to consider using the Rockstars Live Bank on a regular basis.

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