Guide to Promotional Offers for Heroes, Military Might, and Ninjas II for the iPhone

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Giving It Away for Free

There so many games released from PlayMesh in recent months and they give the same promotional care to all of them in an effort to achieve and maintain large numbers of players in those networks. Currently there are a number of free PlayMesh Points packages being offered for their free iPhone games, many of which are not as known as some of the top ones. Here is a guide to free PlayMesh Points promotional offers for Heroes, Military Might and Ninjas II.

Heroes Free PlayMesh Points

Heroes is one of the most interesting of all the PlayMesh MMO text-based iPhone RPGs as it strays from the more conventional themes that are continuing through the App Store. Just as the rest of the crew, it utilizes PlayMesh Points and there has been a set of free PlayMesh Points to help spur continued playing for this new title. Heroes 10 PlayMesh Points is a recent addition and free PlayMesh Points package that is the best tip for Heroes players.

Heroes 10 Free PlayMesh Points

Military Might Free PlayMesh Points

Military Might is an often overlooked PlayMesh title, mainly because it is relatively new and came at the same time as a flurry of other PlayMesh games. Free PlayMesh Points for Military Might are being offered to help spark more interest. The new download, Military Might 15 PlayMesh Points, is actually more free PlayMesh Points than you usually get with the PlayMesh promotional offers so this should be top priority for Military Might iPhone players.

Military Might 15 Free PlayMesh Points

Ninjas II Free PlayMesh Points

Ninjas II has two free PlayMesh Points package available to it through older free App Store downloads. These free PlayMesh Points are actually labeled for Ninjas original, but since it is the same base account for both games these free PlayMesh Points will work fine for Ninjas II. The both of these free PlayMesh Points work out to being a fairly large number, which is important because of the unreasonable costs of regular PlayMesh Points. If you are a Ninjas player and have not updated to Ninjas II you will also find more free PlayMesh Points with this update.

Ninjas 20 Free PlayMesh Points

Ninjas 15 Free PlayMesh Points

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