Guide to Calls and Contacts on iPhone

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The iPhone can be used for such a variety of purposes, from gaming to navigation, that you could almost forget it is really for communicating. In this guide we take a look at how to handle calls and contacts. There are lots of tips to help you navigate the features of your smartphone and we also have a look at some great apps that can help you to make cheap calls and organize that contacts list.

Unleash the full potential of your iPhone with these guides and you’ll find more options for handling calls and a better system for organizing your contacts.

Make Calls, Block Calls, Record Calls and More

Above all else the iPhone is a phone for making calls, even if we do spend more time using it for other things. There are some great built-in features on the iPhone that can help you to handle your calls exactly the way you want. In this section we have some handy hints to help you if you should want to record a phone call, block some unwanted callers, or set up call forwarding. We also take a look at the iPhone’s call waiting feature and we discuss how to use your iPhone even when you can’t get any service. Our last guide explains how to get to grips with FaceTime and make some video calls.

Call App Round Ups

This quartet of app round ups should prove useful if you are looking for ways to reduce that phone bill. Find out about the best apps for making free calls on your iPhone in our first guide. We also explore the best options in terms of apps for blocking those unwanted calls. If organization is a problem for you then you’ll be interested in what PIM (Personal Information Management) apps can do for you. Our last app round-up is a real time saver where you can check out the options for speed dial apps.

Individual Call App Reviews

In this section we drill a little deeper and take a close up look at a few specific apps for making calls on your iPhone. There are options here for blocking calls, revealing masked callers and making free calls via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You’ll get the lowdown on each app and learn all about their pros and cons. We finish off by looking at a handy service that allows you to add a second line on your iPhone.

Transfer, Back Up and Restore Your Contacts

Your contacts list is important so you should always make sure that you back it up. You’ll find various methods discussed here so that you can keep that contact information safe and learn how to transfer it to a new device. You can also find out how to delete all of your contacts and how to restore your contacts from a backup. These guides are very easy to follow and offer clear step-by-step instructions with screenshots to illustrate. There are a few apps that are great for keeping your contacts organized if you find the default options on your iPhone are too limited. We finish off by examining your best options for sharing contacts with others.

The iPhone is a versatile beast when it comes to calls and contacts, as you can see. Hopefully these guides helped you to get more from your smartphone. If you have any tips for tricks or know of specific apps that are useful for iPhone calls or contacts then please post a comment and let us know about them.


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