The Delicious Android Guide to Food & Drink

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Although you probably have a favorite place to eat, it can be a bit of quandary to know where to eat if you are in strange territory, which is where your smartphone comes to the rescue. There are apps to recommend where to eat depending on your tastes and location, and you don’t have to rely on “expert” reviews either, as many of these apps use actual customer reviews.

When you don’t feel like eating out, turn to some of the best cookery apps and even apps that can suggest the ideal bottle of wine to go with your meal. You can also mix up a cocktail, and visit Starbucks for a cuppa, all with the aid of your Android.

And don’t worry, cause we haven’t forgotten those of you on special diets either, vegetarian, diabetic and calorie counting diets are all covered in our food and drink guide too. Your table awaits…

Where Do I Find Good Places to Eat? Foodspotter!

There’s nothing worse than that rumbling of the tummy and the need for food… NOW! But where to find the places to satisfy your hunger pangs? Foodspotter is an Android app that can help with that, and you don’t have to worry about sponsored or advertised links to places that offer less than great food. This time it’s user reviews that rate the food. Find out how useful this app is in our review.

Learn to Cook with Cooking Capsules for Google Android

For times when there’s nothing like home cooked food, but you are bored with your usual repertoire, Cooking Capsules is an app that can help. Not only does it offer you the usual ingredients, recipes and pics of what the finished dish should look like, you can also watch interactive clips that work as part of the instructions for the recipe.

A Cookbook on Your Phone - Best Android Recipe Apps

Every phone should have a recipe app, and this article gathers together your top five options. Some of these apps come with added shopping list features, or allow you to find recipes according to whatever you already have in the storecupboard. And they aren’t all for food either, as the more comprehensive offerings also have a nice selection of cocktail recipes too.

Cooking up a Storm with Android

Here we bring together the top ten cooking apps on the Android platform, which takes in recipe apps as well as other useful apps like tips on cooking diet food, Chinese cookery videos, recipe finders, and a visual search engine for cooks.

Best Android Grocery Software

Now you know what you want to cook, you’ll have to head out and buy the ingredients. Some recipe and cooking apps have shopping list functions in them, but for those that don’t, grocery apps are a must. You can organize your list by categories to make shopping less stressful, and even utilize barcode scanners to make the whole shop a breeze – so no ingredients are left out of the cart!

Android Apps for Vegetarians

This round-up of apps takes a look at vegetarian apps for Android phones in many different guises. There are useful apps that tell you exactly what’s in a food (including any ingredients that may be animal-based), recipe apps, and restaurant finders to help you find those places that serve a good amount of meat-free fare.

Diabetes Software for Android

Let’s face it, eating out isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you’re on a special diet, but here we’ve pulled together some of the best apps for diabetics. Of course there are important medical type apps to help, but this article also looks at apps for diabetes cooking too. There are also apps that can help to guide you toward the best thing to pick on the menu. Find out more in this app round-up.

Plink Plonk! Android Apps for Wine Lovers

Even if you love your wine, and think you know a good deal about it, we are always looking for a bit of extra help. This selection of wine apps can help you decide what bottle of wine to buy to match with a meal, and if you have a good collection already there are even some fab wine cellar apps. Wine dictionaries are also useful if you want to improve your wine knowledge.

Mixing Your Drinks With Android

If you’re after something a little more to get the party started then everybody loves a cocktail. Luckily Android have some great cocktail mixing apps for your drinking pleasure. Much like top notch recipe apps, the top choices here allow you to put in what you have left in your drinks cabinet to come up with a delicious cocktail to keep everyone happy.

Coffee Now - A Review of the Starbucks App

So if you love coffee, sometimes only a visit to Starbucks will satisfy your craving for real coffee, but a Starbucks app? It can help you find your nearest one, store your Starbucks card info on there, and yes, even pay using your Android. Our review will explain it all.

Android Apps for Dads

Despite the title of this article, I promise you there are some great options for you foodies and drink connoisseurs too. Among the apps in this round-up are those that let you count the calories in a meal (should you want to), and more importantly a wonderful beer app that mustn’t go undiscovered.

Top Calorie Counter Android Apps

If you simply can’t enjoy a meal without knowing the nutritional value, then don’t worry, as there are a simply mind-boggling array of calorie counting apps on the Android Market. One advantage of using these apps is that you can make use of the app’s extensive database of foods to find and record the calories of a meal for you, without having to work it all out for yourself.

10 Coolest Android Apps - Great Choices Here for Foodies

Although this article takes in the 10 coolest Android apps in general, it’s no surprise that so many apps to help with our food and drink needs made it into the list. My favorite is 10001 cocktails – no further explanation needed! Loopt is great for finding out where friends are/have been (particularly good if you have foodie friends too), and Speaking Pad works well as an audio cookbook tool.

Don’t Drink & Dial - Use DrunkBlocker

For those times when you’ve consumed a few too many glasses (bottles) of wine, or taste-tested a cocktail too many, the DrunkBlocker app can work on some damage limitation. You can put a selection of phone numbers into blocker mode along with a time period, to make sure you don’t make any idiotic phone calls while under the influence.

Is there a favorite food and drink app of yours that we’ve missed out? Let us know!