The Indispensable Guide to News & Weather on Your Android

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It’s likely there was a weather widget or a news app already installed on your phone when you got it, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay there. We’ve pulled together this guide so you can take advantage of only the best apps, and only the ones that you are interested in. Sure there are some great general apps, but we also take a look at specific options according to your tastes and hobbies, as well as the best RSS readers to keep you up to date.

Limited room on your phone? No problem, we round off our news and weather guide with apps or accessories that are 2-in-1, to bring you the best of both worlds. So if you need something a little more in-depth and specific to your chosen sport for example, there are some amazing app choices that give you info on water temperature, tide times, swell and wind direction, snowfall reports… whatever you need is covered. Or why not keep things more simple and download an all-round alarm clock app that has added weather report functionality.

It’s time to read the headlines and take a look at the forecast…

Keep Up To Date - General News & Magazine Apps

We begin our guide by taking in some of the best general news apps, and recommending top choices for magazines you can get on your phone to keep you up to date too. These guys are great all-rounders and offer you a choice about which stories you think are interesting and those that aren’t, at a glance.

Specific Interests

If you don’t want to wade through the general headline news then get some specific apps on your phone that cater for your hobbies or interests. We’ve narrowed it down to a few choices here to indicate the kind of subject matter available, but it’s entirely likely that wherever your interest lies, there will be a relevant news app to cover it. Here, we take a look at sports, space, entertainment and financial news apps.

RSS Feeds - Only the News You Want

So if you want to be even more specific in the selection of news stories that make it to your Android, RSS feeds are the way to go. You need at least one of these on your phone, and once you’ve got a good one like these options, you’ll never look back. One of the greatest things about RSS feeds is that you are in control about what stories you get to see. You can choose specific places where you want your news to come from, or make a selection depending on your interests, so all the dull stuff is weeded out for you.

Weather - It’s Raining Apps

Even if you aren’t on vacation, or heading into the great outdoors, we all want to know what the weather is doing – or is going to be doing. The following is a gathering of the finest weather apps and widgets that deserve your consideration. We know it’s raining weather apps in the Android Market, but here we’ve put up a selective umbrella for you to take the soggy and unworthy apps out of your way.

Apps & Tools with Added Weather Functions

Our last section in the news and weather guide looks at some other options that deserve your consideration, that all feature some kind of added weather functionality. Our first couple look at outdoor sports apps that have the added bonus of giving you snowfall reports, tide times, and other specific weather information relevant to skiing and surfing, but they are also useful just for the more in-depth way they present weather information. The last two take a look at alarm clock apps and docks that give you a look at the weather from the moment you wake up.

Missed out one of your favorites, or think there is a category we have missed? Please leave a comment below.