Android Photography Guide: Get the Most from Your Phone's Camera

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Smartphones really are the ultimate convergence devices offering us all sorts of communication options along with entertainment, navigation and of course photography. The latest high-end smartphones boast impressive cameras capable of capturing excellent shots and high definition video. Even budget Android phones tend to have reasonably decent cameras built in.

Learn how you can take full advantage of your phone’s camera to capture stunning photos and find out about all the best apps for editing and sharing those pictures.

Getting the Perfect Shot

These articles will help you to become a better photographer. You’ll find tips and hints on how to capture great photographs. Lighting is a key factor, but there are many other features on most Android smartphone cameras that will allow you to play around with elements like saturation and balance. Composition deserves some thought as well and the round-up of posing apps will help you to capture some fantastic, professional-looking shots.

Great App Round Ups

When it comes to photography apps, the Android Market is packed with great options. Check out these app round ups for some ideas about what to install on your phone. There are apps that will help you to use your camera in new ways and also apps to help you to edit your photos and improve them. If you’re feeling sneaky then the spy camera apps will allow you capture covert pictures. You can also take full advantage of your high-end camera with a HDR app.

Get Creative with Your Android Camera

These articles are all about doing something a little different with your camera. Have you ever considered the possibility of doing some time-lapse photography? You could create a movie of the clouds moving across the sky or the traffic outside your window.

You can also use your camera to make your own animations using the stop-motion technique. The possibilities for creating fun animations are endless, as long as you have the patience!

Our final round-up examines the options for capturing nostalgic shots designed to look like they were taken with old cameras. You’ll be surprised at how good some of these apps are at replicating those classic visual styles you remember.

Excellent Photography Apps

These apps are all worthy of attention for different reasons. You’ll have great fun with the Project 365 app, Action Snap allows you to capture fast-moving subjects, and Skitch is ideal for adding captions to your photos.

You’ll also find some other great options for editing your photos and for sharing them with people. Make sure you check out the live streaming video options with Knocking Live and seamlessly erase any glitches or problem areas from your photos with TouchRetouch – the results are amazing.

Useful Photo and Video Apps

This last batch of articles deals with a few specific areas. Depending on the kind of photographs and videos you like to take, you might want to hide them from view and there are apps that can help you do just that. You can also find some great photo gallery apps to show off your photography in the best light.

If your Android smartphone has a front-facing camera then make sure you snag some apps to take full advantage. We finish off with some video related apps that will allow you to watch and even stream videos live from your phone, edit videos and convert your phone into a makeshift webcam.

If you have any good photography tips for Android smartphone owners or you know of a great app worth checking out then please let us know about it by posting a comment.