Complete Android Software Guide

Complete Android Software Guide
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Android has changed the mobile computing world as we know it. It has made quality mobile software and smartphones accessible to everyone. It is available in all price ranges, and offers a much more diverse portfolio of phones compared to iOS or Symbian.

One of the most important things driving Android as a platform is the applications and games you can find at the Android Market. There are now over 120,000 apps and games on it, most of them free. The Android Market has made millionaires out of many developers, thanks to the advertising revenue on their apps which have millions of users.

The huge number of apps on the Android market poses a big problem though: Discoverability. there are so many apps that it is hard to find the best Android software.

In this guide, I will try to showcase the best Android apps and games for you.

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A lot of us at Bright Hub came up with our own lists of the best Android software in the last 2 years.

All these lists comprise of some of the best apps and games on the Android Market. I would recommend that you check out each of these lists; you are definitely going to find some gems in there.

50 Best Android Applications - A mega-compilation of the 50 best Android apps in 2010.

20 Best Free Android Apps - A list of the 20 best free Android apps in 2010.

Essential Android App Downloads - The most essential, must-have Android software for your phone.

Top Free Apps for Android - A great list of the top free apps for Android, includes various categories like shopping, finance, weather, mapping, social apps etc.

Ultimate Android Apps - A list of the ultimate Android software in the market.

Top 12 Free Apps in the Android Market - A list of the top 12 free Android apps in the Android Market.

Top 5 Apps For New Google Android Users - A list of the 5 apps that you should absolutely get if you are an Android newbie.

The Five Best Android Apps by Google - The best Android software by Google itself.

Best Android Apps in 2010 - Roundup

Top 10 Free Productivity Apps for Android - A great compilation of the 10 best apps to convert your Android phone into the ultimate productivity booster.

Top 10 Android Root Apps of 2010 - A list of the best Android software to have if you have rooted your phone (after checking this list, you might even be enticed to root your phone if you haven’t already).

Best Email Apps for Android - The best email apps to keep you connected via email on your Android phone.

Best Security Apps for Android - The best apps that will transform your Android phone into a fortress.

Best Android Financial Apps - The best personal finance apps for your Android phone.

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android - The best ebook reading apps for those who love to read.

Best Task Manager/Killer for Android - These apps are must-haves for power users. They are the best task managers for Android.

Best Android Camera Apps - The best app options for shutterbugs with Android phones.

Top 10 Android Medical Apps - The top ten best Android medical apps for medical advice and knowledge.

Top 4 Multimedia Streaming Apps For Android - The best multimedia streaming apps for your Android phone.

Best Android Radio Apps - The best radio apps for Android phones.

Best Android Apps for OpenOffice - The best Android software that lets you view, edit and handle Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Best Android Budgeting Programs - A list of the 5 best Android apps which can be used for budgeting.

Top Five Calendar Apps for Android - The best calendar apps in the Android Market.

Best Android Fax Apps - A compilation of the best Android software that can be used for faxing.

Top 10 Best Twitter Apps for Android - Tweet much? These are the apps which will help you tweet even more from your Android phone.

Best Android Webcam Apps - The best ways to use your Android phone as a webcam.

Best Android Audiobook Apps - The best options to use audiobooks on your Android device.

Religious Apps for your Android phone - The best Android software for the religious geeks out there.

Best Android Real Estate Apps - The best real estate apps for the Android platform.

Top 10 Best Looking Android Applications - If you are one for looks, here’s what you should be looking at.

Best Android Games in 2010 - Roundup

Top Ten Android Games - The top ten Android games which will keep you occupied when you are bored.

Another Ten Great Android Games - 10 other awesome Android games for the gamer Droids.

Top Ten Android Puzzle Games - The 10 best puzzle based games for your Android phone.

Top Ten Driving Games for Android Phones - The best driving and racing games for Android.

Best Multiplayer Games for Android Phones - The top multiplayer games for Android so that you can have fun with friends.

Best Android Accelerometer Games - The best Android accelerometer games.

Best Space Invader Games for Android - Destroy these aliens which are trying to attack the Earth.

Best Zombie Games for Android - The best zombie games so that your Droid can slay some zombies and save the world.

Best Sudoku Games for Android - Time to start flexing your brain cells and get these on your phone.

Best Android Chess Apps - The best chess apps for Android for all the budding grandmasters out there.

Best Learning Android Games for Toddlers - The best Android games for toddlers to learn while they play and play while they learn.