Android Tutorials and Guides - Basic Android Tutorials for New Users

Android Tutorials and Guides - Basic Android Tutorials for New Users
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Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system in the world. In less than 3 years, it has grown incredibly fast and is now the second most used OS in the world after Symbian. Its growth is now higher than even the iPhone and is eclipsing every other platform, gobbling everyone in its path.

Many manufacturers and carriers have embraced Android and phones running the Android OS now number in the hundreds, with the numbers expected to increase even more rapidly in the coming years. Here’s a list of the best Android phones for you to check out. The new Google Nexus S which runs Android 2.3 is also very impressive.

Android is also starting to grab market share in the tablet segment. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first major Android tablet and has sold close to 2 million units already.

We, at Bright Hub, have a full section of articles dedicated to the Android platform which comprises of tutorials, device reviews, app reviews and guides to help you with the various issues you might have with your Android device, or just to help you optimize your Android experience.

In this article, I am going to point you to all the major Android guides and tutorials that we have published over the years.

Guides for Android Newbies

Here is a list of guides that would help you a lot in transitioning to the new OS if you are a newbie.

Using the Android Operating System - This guide will give you a basic overview of the Android operating system and how you can use it.

Setting Up a Brand New Android Phone - This one will show you how you can set up your new Android phone properly and sync it with your Google account.

Install and Remove Apps on Android Phones - This guide will explain how you can install new applications and games on your Android phone.

Install APK files on your Google Android Phone - This one will tell you how to install APK files on your Android phone directly.

How to Use Android Market Safely - This one will explain how you can use the Android Market safely.

Adding Widgets on your Android phone - Want to add widgets to your Android phone? Here’s how.

Guide to Getting the Most from an Android Device Battery - A guide which explains how you can optimize your Android device’s battery life.

Using your Android phone as a Webcam - Use your Android device as a webcam using this simple tutorial

Block Calls on your Android phone - You can either block calls by choosing the settings within Android or use apps that come with amazing features and call management functions.

Advanced Tutorials for Android Users

How to Enable Tethering via USB on your Android phone - This guide explains how you can connect your laptop to your Android phone after enabling tethering on it.

How to Use your Android Phone as a Keyboard and Mouse - This explains two different ways of turning your Android phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Remote Control Your Desktop from Your Android Phone - Learn how to remote control your desktop using your Android phone.

Copying Files to your Android Device - Learn how to copy files to your Android device using this simple guide

How to Watch Movies on your Android phone - How you can watch movies and videos on your Android phone

Using Task Managers on your Android Phone - A brief article which explains the use of task managers on Android and whether you need them.

Everything You Need to Know About Android Widgets - A look at the difference between widgets and shortcuts, how they’re used and how to organise them.

Syncing Android with Mac - Here’s how you can sync your Android with your Mac

Syncing Android with Microsoft Outlook - A simple tutorial which explains how you can do it easily.

Syncing Android with Facebook - A simple guide to get your Facebook contacts on your Android phone

Rooting your Android smartphone - Learn what rooting is and how you can root your Android phone.

Update your Android phone to Android 2.2 Froyo - How you can upgrade your phone to the latest version - Android 2.2 Froyo

How To Switch from the iPhone to Android - And finally, a guide for the iPhone converts. For those who have finally seen the light and decided to switch to Android.

Developer Tutorials

The Android Market has over 120,000 apps and games now. It has made a lot of developers rich, even those who have free apps on the Market, mostly by way of advertising income.

For those who want to create Android apps but don’t want to get their hands dirty with too much code, there is the Google App Inventor.

If you are a developer interested in making apps and games for the Android platform, here’s a list of guides you might be interested in.

Developing Apps and Games with Android - An Overview

Creating an Android Application: Structure

Understanding Google Android Programming Terminology

Using Intents in the Android Programming Environment

Using Alerts in the Android Programming Environment

Introduction to the Android NDK

Creating a User Interface using XML in Android

Working with Android Databases

Working with Android Services

Interacting with Android Events

Using the Phone Camera in Android Apps

Versioning your Android Apps

Installing Android Apps on the SDK Device Emulator

Signing your Android Apps

Publishing Apps on Android Market

These are just the main guides that I wanted to point you to. There’s a whole lot more at the Google Android Guides section at Bright Hub. Do check them out.