Google Android How-To Guides

Google Android Tips and Tricks can be found using this Google Android How-To Guides section. Including both hardware and software offerings for your Google Mobile Cell Phones.

New Chrome Browser for Android

It seems odd that Android doesn’t currently support the Chrome browser. The two look like perfect bedfellows and the addition of Chrome could be a real boost for the platform. Well, it could be closer than you think.

Email Guide for Android

One of the top reasons for buying a smartphone is the ability to use it for email. Learn about the email apps you could be using and find handy guides to set up your email accounts on Android.

Guide to Security on Android Phones

Alas the time has come that we need to make sure our Android phones are as protected as our computers — the threat of malware and malicious apps is on the increase. Then there’s the situation of what happens to your info should your phone get stolen. Here are all the apps you need to know about.

What is the Best Android UI?

A UI enhancement can make an Android 2.1 device look better than a 2.3 phone, which is why HTC, Samsung and Motorola have used them so extensively. It’s a bone of contention among the owners of different Android phones – which user interface overlay is best?