You Can't Be Bored with BlackBerry Entertainment Apps

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Not so long ago, it would have been far-fetched to think that you could watch TV on your cell phone, stream movies or even listen to music for that matter. I remember a time when cell phone entertainment was simply a handful of basic games and polyphonic ringtones. Those days are long gone with the implementation of smartphones and the fact that they are now being developed for the everyday user rather than business professionals only.

Today, you can find numerous entertainment apps for your BlackBerry either through the BlackBerry App World or just floating around on the net. There are apps for watching TV, streaming movies and other videos, as well as music streaming and downloads. There are even apps that will allow you to do a combination of all three. This article can serve as your resource for those applications, as well as how to guides to utilizing your media options. Bookmark this guide for easy reference.

BlackBerry Music, TV and Movie Apps

This section will provide you with a list of apps that will help you to view, stream and/or download movies or music. As stated before some apps are multi purpose and will allow you to perform a combination of tasks while others are geared towards one specific task only. Most of the apps listed below will allow you to listen to music and watch music videos. There are apps for watching movies only and there are others for watching TV which will diversify the type of media that you are able to view. See which app is compatible with your BlackBerry mobile and has the necessary functions to suit your needs. You can find out more about how to use these apps on your BlackBerry in the next section.

Guides: Listen to Music on Your BlackBerry

MP3 players are not becoming extinct, but I believe that their usage has been greatly diminished due to the development of so many smartphones. These smartphones are being made with more memory and expansion capacity these days, and as such, more and more mobile phone owners have ceased to carry their MP3 players around. They simply upload, download or stream music files to their phones.

If you own a BlackBerry, one of the first things that you are going to want to learn, is how to load your mobile with music and how to play it. You may also want to use some of those music files as your ringtone. You will learn more about these and other processes in this section. Some of these BlackBerry music guides will be general information while others will be model specific.

Guides: Watch TV and Movies on Your BlackBerry

In this section you will find out how you can watch TV on your BlackBerry mobile phone. You will be able to watch your favorite television shows as well as news and other broadcasted media. Some resources will provide you with info on how to watch movies only, this may not necessarily be with the use of a TV app, and other applications will allow you to view top movies, rather than TV shows. Some resources may be general, while others will be for specific BlackBerry models.

In this technological age, a BlackBerry is not just a smartphone, it is also a media player, a camera and so much more. Today, our generation rarely travel with an external media player when a BlackBerry can hold so many media files (with the right size memory card of course). We can now watch television shows, cinematic blockbusters, music videos, as well as listen to different music genres, with the use of BlackBerry applications. I hope the above guide has provided you with enough resources to fully utilize your BlackBerry’s media potential and if there is anything that you would like to see added to this guide, just let me know in the comments section below.


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