Best Apps for Web Browsing on BB Smartphones

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All BlackBerry phones come equipped with a BlackBerry browser, but there are many other mobile browsers that can be used with your BlackBerry, some of them are even better than the browser that RIM provides.

Many of the popular apps that are pre-installed on the BlackBerry and the ones that will be installed by you cannot function without Internet access, and that is where a data plan comes in. This guide will be your resource to information on BlackBerry browsers, types of Internet connection, Internet related apps, data plans, connection processes and more. Ensure that you bookmark it for easy reference.

BlackBerry Browser Apps

The BlackBerry Browser is pre-installed on all BlackBerry devices, but sometimes it is just not the best browser to view certain websites and perform certain Internet activities. Before you go about downloading browsers willy nilly, go through the articles below to find out about your choices, then decide on the browser that best suits your needs. You should also keep in mind that you can have more than one browser installed, just in case you find likeable features in separate browsers.

Understanding Your BlackBerry Browsers and Internet Connections

Not all browser are made equal and as such, they do not all perform the same way or use the same routes. One thing is certain and that is that they are created to provide you with access to the web. With that in mind, you must first understand the basics of browser usage on your BlackBerry device before you try to understand the individual processes for each browser. There are also some terms that you may come across when setting up your browser preferences that would be helpful if you only knew what they meant. This guide will help you.

BlackBerry Internet Service: BIS

It doesn’t matter which BlackBerry browser you have installed if you have no means of connecting to the web. While there is always the Wi-Fi option, you will need to have a BlackBerry data plan to browse the web if you are not within reach of a hotspot. If you are new to the world of BlackBerry or have always had your device in paper weight mode, you may not know what a BlackBerry data plan is, how to get one or what it entails. But not to worry, in just a few minutes you will have all the information you need after visiting the links below.

BlackBerry Internet Tips, Tricks and Freebies

You now know about the BlackBerry data plan, but what if you are unable to go on a plan right now, but still would like to get the most from your BlackBerry Internet? The good news is that you can access the Internet without BlackBerry service and there are also other little tricks for getting free access to the Internet and Internet related options. You will still be able to browse, perform searches and access some of your favorite websites, but you should keep in mind that some apps will only work if you have BlackBerry Service. Some of these apps includes social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter, and messaging apps such as Yahoo and MSN Messengers.

BlackBerry Internet Connection via Wi-Fi

Most BlackBerry models are equipped with Wi-Fi technology and what this means is that you are able to connect to the Internet whenever you are near a hotspot. Hotspots are areas where wireless Internet signals are being brodcast through the use of a router or access point. Some hotspots are security protected and you would have to have a password to connect, while others are completely open. If your BlackBerry smartphone has Wi-Fi capabilities, you should definitely learn how to engage them for faster browsing and Internet connections.

Make a Modem Out of Your BlackBerry

Web Browsing on your BlackBerry is usually the focal point for BlackBerry users, but what about the times when your BB screen seems to be just too small for the webpage that you are trying to view? The problem is that you have your PC, but you are not near a Wi-Fi hotspot to utilize that connection. The next step would be to tether your BlackBerry to perform as a modem. Did you know that you could do that? Find out how.

There are different ways to connect to the Internet on your BlackBerry and even more reasons why you would need to. I hope this guide has provided you with all you need to know, but if you think anything has been left out or if there is something that you would like to add, just let me know in the comment section below.


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