BlackBerry Versus the Competition: Platform and Model Comparisons

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Research in Motion (commonly known as RIM) is a Canadian company best known for their BlackBerry smartphone line. The first BlackBerry was released back in 1999 and proved to be hugely popular, especially with the business community. The combination of a phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard, wireless Internet access, secure email support, instant messaging and the ability to handle various types of media helped to kick start the smartphone revolution.

The BlackBerry line soon dominated the business sphere, largely thanks to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server which enabled companies to integrate their email systems and maintain secure communications with employees. The availability of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and a number of apps and games in the App World also enabled RIM to capture a good share of the wider casual market.

As Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platform have taken off, RIM has started to fall behind. They still sell a huge number of BlackBerry devices every year, but they no longer command a dominant position in the market. This is largely due to the proliferation of apps and games on iOS and Android and the fact that competing manufacturers are offering more powerful hardware.

The BlackBerry line has been diversified and still represents a good option for many consumers. Below you’ll find a series of BlackBerry versus articles that compare BlackBerry smartphones with each other and with the leading competition.

Why You Should Get a BlackBerry Instead of an Android Smartphone

Find out why the BlackBerry may be a better option than an Android smartphone. The advantages and disadvantages of both platforms are discussed so you can make an informed decision.

Android Versus BlackBerry: Go for an Android Phone

This time out we see the opposite point of view as BlackBerry and Android go head to head and BlackBerry is found wanting. Learn how the operating systems, hardware, networking, applications and market share stack up.

Has the iPhone Replaced the BlackBerry as Business Users Choice?

Apple’s iPhone has taken the world by storm and there’s no doubt it is the dominant smartphone of choice for the mass market. The question is, can it compete with the BlackBerry in the business arena? Here’s the answer from an end-user perspective.

Stick with BlackBerry Over the iPhone for Business

Learn why many people still feel that the BlackBerry is unbeatable, even by the iPhone, when it comes to business use.

What’s the Best Smartphone Platform?

The three big players, Android, iOS and BlackBerry, go head-to-head in this comparison. Find out how the user interface, hardware and openness compare as they battle for the crown.

BlackBerry Torch Versus iPhone 4

RIM combined a touch screen and a slide out physical QWERTY keyboard in the BlackBerry Torch and pitched it as an iPhone 4 beater. Just how do the smartphones compare?

BlackBerry Torch Versus Google Nexus S

The Torch was a solid release for RIM and in this comparison it faces Google’s second hardware release, the Nexus S. Manufactured by Samsung and featuring stock Android, the Nexus S is tough competition for any device.

How Does the BlackBerry Torch Compare to Other BlackBerry Phones?

The BlackBerry Torch represented something of a rethink for RIM – a new combination of touch screen and keyboard with less of a business focus. Find out how it compares with the traditional BlackBerry line.

A Bold or a Curve: Which BlackBerry is Right for Me?

The BlackBerry Bold and the BlackBerry Curve lines may look very similar but there are some differences. Discover which one is the right BlackBerry for you in this comparison.

What’s the Best BlackBerry Curve?

The Curve models are lined up and compared here. You can find the important distinctions and decide which model best fits your needs.

Should I Get the BlackBerry Tour or the BlackBerry Storm 2?

The Tour and the Storm 2 are two very different devices from RIM and there are advantages and disadvantages with either choice. Get some help with your decision with a look at the key differences in features and specifications.

The Curve and the Tour: BlackBerry Models Compared

Weigh up the pros and cons of these two popular BlackBerry models before you make a purchase decision. This comparison highlights the information you need to know to decide on the Tour or the Curve.

BlackBerry Bold Versus HTC EVO 4G

The Bold is one of the most popular BlackBerry models available but can it compete with an Android powerhouse like the HTC EVO 4G? Learn about the design, user interface and features as the two smartphones clash in this battle.

BlackBerry Bold Versus iPhone

Trying to decide whether to pick up an iPhone or a BlackBerry Bold 9700? You’ll find the answers you need in this comparison of the hardware and software.

New BlackBerry Range is Too Little, Too Late

RIM has been trying to fight back against the iPhone and Android, but their latest line up simply isn’t enough. Find out why the new BlackBerry Bold and Torch models aren’t good enough to win people back over to BlackBerry.

As you can see the BlackBerry range is diverse. These smartphones still have plenty to offer, but they are gradually falling behind the competition. Do you still want a new BlackBerry?