Troubleshooting the BlackBerry Alarm: Why BlackBerry Alarm Does Not Work

Troubleshooting the BlackBerry Alarm: Why BlackBerry Alarm Does Not Work
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BlackBerry Alarm

If your BlackBerry alarm does not work there could be a few possible reasons for this. The clock/time and or date settings

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could be incorrect or there could be improper adjustments of the clock options such as the volume and alarm tone. Before considering that it is faulty you may want to troubleshoot a few applications on the phone prior to taking it in for technical assistance.

Date &Time Settings

The alarm may not sound at the moment you set it if the date and time settings on your BlackBerry phone are incorrect. Make sure to check and set the correct settings before activating the alarm.

  • On the main screen, click on the clock icon, then press the menu key and select ‘set time’. Check and set the proper time (am/pm), time format (12hr/24 hr), time zone and network.
  • Go into ‘clock options’ and scroll down to ‘alarm tone’, choose an alarm tone that is loud and distinctive. Also, adjust the volume to the highest most audible level. If necessary enable the vibrate icon for extra alert emphasis.

How to set your alarm

On the main screen scroll through and select the clock icon then press the menu key and select ‘set alarm’. Adjust to the desired time and enable the alarm by selecting ON or WEEKDAYS depending on your preference.

Using the Calendar as an Alternative Alarm

For added backup you may want to consider using the calendar as an alternative alarm on your phone. On the main screen click the calendar icon, press the menu button and select ‘new alarm’ – edit subject, time and the recurrence options to your preference. This will set off a different alert on your phone adding additional alarm support in the event the actual alarm does not work.

How to Setup BlackBerry Calendar Settings

To be sure your calendar is actively functional it is wise to check and set up the BlackBerry calendar settings. Simply select the sound (speaker) icon on the main screen and click the ‘advanced’/’set tones’/’change sounds’ icon at the bottom of the list of alerts depending on the version of BlackBerry you own. Scroll through to find the ‘calendar’ option and set the desired reminder tone, volume level and vibration alert.

Install Alarm Clock Software

A great solution to your BlackBerry alarm problem is installing the alarm clock app available on BlackBerry App World. It offers the same features as the device’s alarm and even more. There are multiple alarm options to choose from and it is quite easy to use. The alarm even sounds when your BlackBerry device is OFF. For a free trial visit BlackBerry App World.


If the clock and alarm settings on your BlackBerry device are all set and enabled properly as detailed above and the alarm still does not work, then you may want to check the phone’s volume control button. This is usually situated on the upper right side of the device. Press the top part and increase the volume to the highest setting if necessary to ensure the volume is on and initiated. If your alarm still does not work then you may want to take it in for technical examination and troubleshooting.


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