A Guide to Enhancing Any Website With Remotely Hosted Scripts Part II: What Can Remotely Hosted Scripts Do For Your Web Site?

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When we introduced remotely hosted scripts in part one of this three part series, we looked at what remotely hosted scripts are and just a few of the benefits of using them for your web site including the fact that you do not having to worry about installing scripts or having any knowledge of scripting languages in order to take advantage of many of these applications. In this article we will take a closer look at some of the specific type of applications that you will be able to access via remotely hosted scripts in order to enhance your web site.

Types of Remotely Hosted Scripts:

Here are but a few of the applications and features that you can add to your site using remotely hosted script services:

Ad Management: This includes a variety of tools to manage the ads that you show on your site, including banner and ad rotators which allow you to load different banners each time the page is accessed. This is a great service because it means that you can take advantage of multiple affiliate programs or sell more ad space without having to clutter your website with too many annoying ads.

News Feeds: This is perhaps one of the most widely used types of remotely hosted scripts. News feeds allow you to put headlines and news tidbits on your site that update regularly keeping fresh content streaming in for your web site. You can usually find a ton of options for news feeds that allow you to customize the number of headlines that you wish to display, the subjects that you want to cover such as world news or something industry specific, etc. You can typically also get display options to coordinate the color and style of the feeds to blend in with your site.

Communication and Interactivity: There are a variety of sites available to help you add some great options to your site to allow site visitors to communicate including shout boxes, chat rooms, and comments. You can also find scripts to use for adding feedback forms, polls, guest books, quizzes, and other great features.

Automatic Updating Content: News headlines are not the only type of content that you can add to your site by using remotely hosted scripts. There are a variety of services that offer things like inspirational quotes, this day in history, daily crosswords, picture of the day, and many other types of content that update automatically keeping fresh and dynamic content on your site without a lot of effort on your part.

Password Gates: If you want to have a members area of your site, or a section that is only viewable by certain people, then you need to be able to offer a way to assign passwords, designate a members area, and allow users to log-in. Unfortunately, not all hosting providers offer this service with your web site package, but by using remotely hosting scripts you can use simple password log-in on your site by merely copying and pasting a simple line of HTML code.

Classified Ads and Directories: If you want to add a sense of community to your site by allowing users to post and browse classified ads or add their own links to a directory of FFA (Free for All) links then there are many options available with remotely hosted scripts. You can create your own search engine style directories with the sites that you want to include, run a classified ad service, or find other great ways to include these features.

Odds and Ends: There are tons of other applications available out there that are two numerous to list such as counters, time and date stamps, world clocks, weather forecasts, games, content management systems, discussion boards, build a story applications…the possibilities are endless.

Whatever your site, you will be able to find useful and relevant applications that will easily enhance your site with no hassle and generally for little or no cost. So go exploring and get creative in finding ways to implement some of the great options available to you with remotely hosted scirpts.

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