Searching the Web Like a Pro

Searching the Web Like a Pro
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Search has existed long enough that many users of the internet have began to take it for granted. Simply typing in a few words to Google can get all the information you would ever need for most thing. But, while that may be true of most searches, there are some that require more of the internet than looking for the most popular websites. Whether trying to find information that is too specific to search the entire internet or simply focusing on privacy understanding, how to search the Internet like a pro is vital to getting the most out of the Webt. So stop taking search for granted and return to the wonder of those first days of the internet when it really did seem like the world was at your fingertips.

Finding the Best Search Engine

Google has become synonymous with search over the last decade. Googling is often used to mean search, but it is not and has never been the only choice for search. That means that if you truly want to get deep into the Internet you have to at least be aware of the other search engines. So, whether you want to find the fastest search engine, to search multiple engines at the same time or simply want to decide for yourself what the best options are these articles will lead you to the information that you need.

Google logo

When looking at search the three hundred pound gorrilla is Google. That means that if you want to truly search the web like a pro you have to understand Google. So while the base search of Google is simply in order to truly get the most out of Google you need to learn how to use its advanced features. These features are designed to keep out those things that you don’t want to see while allowing you to look for far more specific things.

Other Google Searches

Many people think of Google search as simply searching for web pages. Anyone who wants to be truly good at searching the internet has to be aware of the other ways you can search Google. Understanding these other Google search engines is core to being able to truly find what you want on the Internet. This could mean using Google to search for products or finding great blogs, but more importantly it means focusing all of the power of Google search into finding far more specific information. So, stop wasting the power of Google and learn to use all the search tools that Google puts at your disposal.

Searching Specific Subjects

While being able to search everything in the world is great it is often problematic as well. Trying to search everything means that specific subjects can easily get lost in the mass of information. This means often that the very best search engine is the search engine that searches the smallest subject. These search engines will rarely be your first stop, but if you’re looking for music, trying to find a copyright or even want to search far more in-depth these search engines will often be your last stop.


While finding what you need in search is the most important thing there are other points that are worth considering. One of those vital points is the amount of information that you are giving out to the world when you search. Consider that a search engine can keep a record of every search you have ever done and has reason to do so. In addition, there are real questions of whether this information could be requested by the government or even stolen by hackers. This means that everyone should at least consider the privacy of their search engine.