Learn How to Write Ad Text for Google AdWords.

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While there are a lot of technical aspects behind the scenes that are vital, nothing is quite as critical to a Google AdWords campaign as having good ad text.

Writing ad text for Google AdWords takes practice, but is actually quite simple once you figure out what works. The good thing with Google AdWords is that it allows you to do a lot of trial and error with a limited amount of risk or money lost. But if you know the basics before going into an Internet advertising campaign, you won’t even need much trial and error.

Keep It Simple

The first main principle that should be followed is to keep the ad text simple. You want the message to be straightforward language that avoids any large words or advanced references. Getting “cute” while writing ad text is an easy way to end up with an advertisement that doesn’t perform up to par.

Be Unique & Authoritative

Secondly, you want to use authoritative words that demand attention. You will likely be competing with a lot of similar ads so you need ad text that will stand out. Run of the mill advertisements will likely be lost in the shuffle – that’s why you need to spice it up.

Stay Focused & Concise

Finally, you should get to the point quickly in your ad text. Studies have found that Internet users will typically only scan the first couple words of an advertisement. If the ad text takes too long to get to the point, the Internet user may be long gone. Use concise language and focus on grabbing the reader’s attention.

Poor vs. Good Ads

An example of poor ad text would be the following: In the market for a computer monitor? Visit us. This example is way too passive, doesn’t get to the point and isn’t overly simple. To fix the example, an improved ad text is as follows: Buy Computer Monitors – Best Price, Best Selection.

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