Top Technical Search Engines: A Quick List

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Top Technical Search Engines

Technical search engines are not what you ordinarily encounter in the course of your web surfing activities. More often than not, they are `hidden’ in the depths of the world wide web as they are not classified under the `popular interest’ category. They are the domain of geeks, scientists and academic researchers but the layman could occasionally benefit from the specialized search results they offer.

Let’s look at some quality technical search engines that may be of benefit to you if you’re looking for some credible technical information.


The tagline of Scirus is `scientific information only’. Scirus, in keeping with its tagline, is a search engine dedicated to uncovering scientific information you may not easily find elsewhere.

Scirus claims to be the most comprehensive scientific information provider on the web. There are about 400 million entries related to scientific information indexed over its site – anything from journal content, website content of scientists and courseware, among others. You could also access Scitopics via Scirus. It is a free knowledge-sharing service which offers up-to-date content on scientific subjects.

Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

While the name may not sound like a technical search engine, you’ll find enough scientific information here to interest you. You can search for the keyword of your choice via the science accelerator search engine.

You can also locate research documents from DOE, science education resources, science information from US agencies and also science information from global databases through OSTI.


Intute is a technical search engine for researchers, students and teachers of higher education covering a wide range of subject matter. Over here you can enter the keyword of your choice into the search box or choose categories already provided for you.

Among the categories covered are, biological sciences, agriculture, forestry and engineering. Each of these areas is reviewed by an academic specialist to ensure credibility of the information provided. At the time of writing, there are over 120,000 useful technical documents in its repository.

If you’re looking for authoritative information on a wide range of technical areas,, is a must-visit technical search engine.

This technical search engine covers over 45 databases and extracts information from over 2000 useful websites run by 14 US federal agencies. You’ll have access to 200 million pages of research documents endorsed by the US government.

Need authoritative references for a research project? Head over to this PageRank 9 search engine website without much ado.


Among the popular subjects covered over at scinet are astronomy, biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics and even environmental science.

Click on any of these categories and you’ll be taken to valuable resources and to various subtopics relating to the parent subject. One thing is certain. You’ll have much more than you can chew at Scinet.

The coverage above shows that a technical search engine offers you links to in-depth information relating to host of subjects relating to science and technology. If you’re researching a technical subject and need quick and relevant authoritative information consider using the technical search engines covered above.