Beating the Bugs at Home and in the Garden with Organic Pest Control Methods

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Pest Control Inside the Home

The war on pests is continuous. Flies, fleas, spiders, ticks, mice, rats, cockroaches, silverfish, ants and other pesky critters continually disrupt a calm life at home. How can you get rid of these pests without inhaling or ingesting dangerous chemicals? If research into this question has led you here, you are about to embark on a journey filled with all the information you need to arm yourself in the battle against the bugs.

It is imperative to keep pests at bay in your house for the safety of your family. Disease carrying vermin or malaria infested mosquitoes cause quite a dilemma for the home owner. Protecting your family includes disposing of these disease risks but not by using a poisonous concoction that can also harm your nearest and dearest.

Organic Pest Control Outside the Home

Once the inside of your home is free and clear of pests, it is time to tackle the outside. While the exterior can be more difficult and problematic, due to size of area to be covered, the use of organic pest control techniques can provide an obtainable bug-free environment. From squirrels finding refuge under your home, to pesky mosquitoes hanging out around your barbeque area in search of a meal of their own, all can be dealt with successfully. You just need to know how.

Organic Pest Control for Flower Gardens

Organic flower gardening is rewarding. Beautiful blooms, filled with color, are the goal. However, garden pests can reduce your hard work to lines of bare plants. Maintaining the health of your garden includes the repetitive tasks of weeding, clipping and applying pest control techniques. Organic pest control solutions are vital to keep the flowers beautiful, while avoiding the use of dangerous chemicals.

There are many forms of pest control that work great and keep your garden area clean of chemical additives. Certain species of plants grown in a garden will reduce or rid your environment of flora damaging pests. Adding “good” bugs to your plot of carefully maintained land or attracting bugs and birds that assist in the war against plant-eating infestations are techniques that keep the environment clean of chemicals and maintain the habitat in a natural state. When we introduce pest-eating creatures, we allow nature to take care of itself. And it does a very good job.

Organic Fruit & Vegetable Gardening

Keeping our foods safe from harmful chemicals is imperative to maintain a healthy body. Some chemicals from pesticides, fungicides and other elemental poisons ingested by our bodies can cause a number of health problems. When our systems cannot break down chemicals from inorganic gardening methods and processed foods it can lead to the slow poisoning of our organs.

Organic gardening methods are as simple as the techniques for flower gardening. Observing the insects that eat your plants is the best way to determine if there is damage being done to the fruit or vegetables themselves, or if it’s just the leaves the insect is feasting on. When the leaves are being consumed and the food isn’t being touched, you may decide to do nothing and let nature take its course. If the food is being eaten by garden pests, it may be time to take action. Listed here you will find an arsenal of innovative ideas to help you in your fight against garden pests.