P3 Player Reviews: RCA 2GB MP3 Player

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An RCA 2GB MP3 player offers you a whole lot of features for usually a little price, and the RCA Jet S2002 MP3 player is no different. It only costs about $40, but it still manages to compete with the big boys.

Body (3 out of 5)

The body of the S2002 is very slick looking. It is oblong and you can connect it to either an armband or a wristband allowing you to exercise or walk with it on easily. The color scheme is yellow and black or orange and black. This may not appeal to some, but it is not garish so you may be able to overlook the colors if you do not like them.

The OLED monochrome screen is located in the center of the device and it only displays text in black and white. For those with poor vision, this could be a major downfall. Small screens are hard to read to begin with, and the addition of white text on a black background may be a reason to skip this device for some.

All control buttons are located under the display screen. The placement of the controls is very nice, but the controls themselves may be a downer. They are extremely rigid, which makes them hard to depress. In addition, it takes a few seconds for the device to register your selection.

The RCA Jet S2002 MP3 player comes with both a USB and headphone jack, which are covered with waterproof flaps to protect the internal components.

The included battery has a good battery life of nearly 15 hours before you have to recharge it.

Sound (4 out of 5)

Using the included headphones, the overall sound quality of this MP3 player is quite good and most tracks were very clear. Certain rock songs, however, were a little muffled. You may want to invest in some high-end headphones if you listen to a lot of rock music.

The menu buttons are a little counter-intuitive. When you press the menu button, it actually brings up two screens. The top screen shows you items such as My Selections, Now Playing and Audiobooks. The bottom menu includes Repeat, Shuffle and Go To selections. You have to toggle between the two screens.

However, once you figure it out it is not too bad. In addition, all of your music is nicely arranged using a creative interface. This helps you quickly find the track for which you are searching.

Bang for Buck (4 out of 5)

Overall, the RCA Jet S2002 MP3 player offers good sound quality for a very low price. It is a little quirky, especially the controls and user interface. If you can forgive the minor inconveniences, then you will have a MP3 player that you can take nearly anywhere, including the gym, park or traveling. You may just want to spring for some better headphones to improve your experience.


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