Learn What Should You Do if Your iPod Mini Gets Wet in this iPod Tutorial

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Turn It Off Immediately!

So, you are listening to your iPod, enjoying your favorite music when all of a sudden the unthinkable happens. You drop your iPod Mini. But, it’s worse than merely taking a hard fall. Oh, no. It falls into water. And, we are not just talking about a little rain water. We’re talking about a tub, puddle or worse. So, what should you do if your iPod Mini gets wet?

Well, it’s not time to start shopping online for a new one. You may just be able to save your iPod if you act quickly. The first thing that you want to do is shut off your iPod. The quicker you get your iPod off, the less likely that you’ll damage the internal circuits.

One of the saving graces about the iPod is that it’s got a hard casing. This will help keep a lot of water out of inside. But, you need to stop water from interactive with live circuits. Water in general does not hurt electrical circuits. It’s when that water interacts with an electrical current that the circuits get fried.

Get It Dry

Now, it’s time to start drying out your iPod. First, use a towel and get as much of the water off it as you possibly can. Next, use a fan or hair dryer to remove more moisture. A fan works better since it won’t cause the iPod to overheat. If you do decide to use a hair dryer, just keep it several feet from the iPod Mini.

Once you get it mostly dry, then stick it in a bag of rice to remove any lingering moisture. Leave it in the bag overnight.

Take It Apart

If you are very brave, you may try taking the unit apart. But, if you have a warranty, opening up your iPod will void your warranty. It is, however, the only way to really determine whether or not the inside is really dry. If you no longer have a warranty, however, it’s worth a shot to do this.

Have Patience

The next part maybe the most important step of all – leave your iPod alone for at least 48 hours. If there is any type of moisture still left internally, turning it on will kill your iPod. So, don’t try to turn it on, and don’t try to charge it.

Shaking your iPod over a table or cloth is one way to see whether or not there’s still any water left inside. Usually, some will leak out. You should also shake it next to your ear and listen. Oftentimes, you can hear water movement inside the casing.

Check Your Warranty

Your standard iPod warranty does not cover water damage. But, if you purchased any type of extended warranty, and your warranty has not expired, then you can just take it back and get a new one. You’ll still have all your music stored on your iTunes. So, you can simply just upload all of your songs to your new iPod.