Tips and Tricks for Using the New iPod Nano Multitouch MP3 Player

Tips and Tricks for Using the New iPod Nano Multitouch MP3 Player
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The iPod Nano Multitouch

The new iPod Nano is a major development for Apple and it is the first time that the touch screen design has been extended to a more economy model of the iPod. The new iPod Nano marks a new standard for Apple’s iPod development, and a move away from the design of the iPod Classic. With the new iPod Nano’s design is a whole new range of features that are actually much different than that of the iPod Touch and the original iPod Nano. Here are a few tips for working with the new iPod Nano, how to play with the great new features, and ways to get the most out of it.

Positioning Your iPod Nano

The new iPod Nano multitouch is designed for, more than anything else, mobility. There are a number of features beyond its size, which is a primary asset, for this. One of these is the orientation feature that will bring the iPod Nano’s multitouch image right side up whenever possible, which means that you can be much more loose with its placement. All of this is designed to be good for the new iPod Nano on the go, so the best tip for this design is to keep it on the go and use the clip for each transfer. Since you will not need to orientate the actual device to interact with the controls properly you can instead focus in on the comfort of the iPod Nano’s position.

iPod Nano Cases and Design

The iPod Nano’s multitouch feature is new, but the same problems and approaches apply to it as with the iPod Touch and the iPhone. You will need to protect the iPod Nano’s touch screen as much as possible, which means

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getting a proper case. What needs to happen here is that the iPod Nano’s case should be built around the needs of the touch screen, which is much smaller and more specific. There are going to be a rush of iPod Nano cases to be made available, and each iPod Nano case is going to hold its own unique price. Find the iPod Nano case that will fit the types of needs that you will have for it, so if you do a lot of jogging outdoors then you may want to invest in a higher grade iPod Nano case.


The iPod Nano’s multitouch display is a small 1.54 inch, which is probably why the video is not on there. What this means is that you are going

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to have to navigate the menus more carefully as it is difficult to scroll through much of the library display. One of the best ways to avoid excessive touch screen interaction on the iPod Nano is the same thing that was often done on the previous iPod Nano: to make playlists. Playlists are going to make this brief touch iPod Nano even easier to use. The iPod Nano is still not designed to be interacted with as much as the iPod Touch, so try to create as many “auto” options as you can. This is also a great play to use the Genius playlist options that come with the iPod Nano.

iPod Nano FM

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The iPod Nano’s FM radio is probably a major selling point to a lot of new buyers, and on the iPod Nano’s multitouch it is a really nice feature. You will have the ability to do things like pause live radio, but this will require that you are getting a fantastic signal. Do not expect that the iPod Nano’s FM radio is going to come in crystal clear at all times, so you are going to have to approach the FM radio service in the same way that iPhone users approach their bars when trying to use the 3G network.

iPod Nano Fitness

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The iPod Nano has always been pitched as a “great for the gym” type of device because of its size and ease of use, and it is geared even more in that direction. The best iPod Nano tip to follow it to maximize these features as they are what the new iPod Touch has been built around. Try to care for the iPod Nano’s clip as this is going to be important when used with the fitness features, especially the built in pedometer that the iPod Nano has.