Everything You Need to Know about iPod Touch Screen Resolution

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Now that the brand new iPod Touch 4 has been unveiled we can look at the series of upgrades that our favorite iPod has received. The obvious changes are there, such as the inclusion of dual HD video cameras and the FaceTime video chatting software, but there are also more subtle upgrades that users can be excited about. Several of these involve the basic material design of the iPod Touch, and the iPod Touch 4 is bringing in what caused a stir with the release of the iPhone 4: the Retina Display. What this means is that the iPod Touch screen resolution itself has gone through a major overhaul, and what you can expect from the iPod Touch screen resolution is going to expand. Here is everything that you, the user, would need to know about iPod Touch screen resolution on the iPod Touch’s Retina Display.

iPod Touch Retina Display

The basic thing that must be recognized about the iPod Touch’s screen resolution through the Retina Display is that all the pixels are stuffed in so tight that you will never be able to distinguish them as individuals, which means that the iPod Touch’s screen resolution is at a level that is better than most people can actually see. Each pixel in the iPod Touch’s Retina Display is measured in at 78 micrometers across, which is incomparable to most people using the iPod Touch 4. With this you will see that there is essentially four times as much in the iPod Touch 4’s Retina Display as in the previous models of the iPod Touch, which is a comparable jump forward that was made with the iPhone 4. Apple has reported that this means that for every square inch of the iPod Touch 4’s screen there is 326 pixels. This comes out at a 960 to 640 pixel based reading of the iPod Touch’s screen resolution, which is incredible for the tiny iPod Touch 4 screen display that really only takes up 3.5 inches.

LED Backlight

The iPod Touch’s Retina Display also includes the standard LED backlighting so that images come through in their appropriate fashion. What this means is that the ambient sensors will read the available light and alter the amount of light given off through the LED backlight, changes the overall appearance of images on the iPod Touch’s Retina Display. These changes are not really going to alter iPod Touch screen resolution, but the way that the iPod Touch screen resolution appears at a quick glance may change with the amount of light that is being given through the LED backlight. If you increase the brightness of the LED backlighting it may make the iPod Touch’s screen resolution appear better, but this will also decrease the overall iPod Touch battery life you will have.