Troubleshooting iPod Touch Sound Problems: Fixing Common Audio Playback and Alert Problems on the iPod Touch

Troubleshooting iPod Touch Sound Problems: Fixing Common Audio Playback and Alert Problems on the iPod Touch
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Audio Touch

The iPod Touch is one of the premiere portable MP3 devices out there, building on the popularity and allegiance to the iPod format and including the revolutionary software developments of the iPhone. Though it can bring in video clips, games and apps of all sorts, and photos, what is still central to the iPod Touch experience is listening to audio tracks. Though access to audio is necessary at all times for iPod Touch users, there are a lot of issues that can occur with your iPod Touch that can result in audio problems. Here are a few ways to troubleshoot sound problems on your iPod Touch when they occur.

On and Off

You may find that when you are listening to audio tracks in the iPod section they turn on and off at random, or change between different

available tracks. There can actually be a number of different reasons this is happening. The first place to troubleshoot this iPod Touch audio problem is to see if the Shuffle feature is turned on. Start by going to the iPod Touch’s Settings and then to iPod Music Settings. From here you will want to see if Shake to Shuffle is on, which will change the track within the album. You may also find that this start and stop is occurring from a problem with the touch screen that may allow for a problem with the iPod controls. On occasion, a damaged pair of iPod Touch headphones can be the issue, though this is not near as common.

Sound Settings

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If you are having problems with receiving audio playback or are simply not getting the volume you want this may be a problem of your iPod Touch’s Sound Settings. Start by going into your iPod Touch and selecting your Music settings again. Here you should go to the bottom option Volume Limit, which is right under EQ. Make sure that this is set to Off, as it will often limit how loud your volume will be allowed. If this troubleshooting method does not fix your iPod Touch audio problem then go into General and then to Sounds, which is right under Wallpaper. It is in here you can adjust all sound settings, and you will see the general volume for your iPod Touch’s audio playback. Make sure this is at a reasonably high level otherwise it can decrease the amount of volume you are receiving. This is also where you can turn on and off the sound alerts for different things, such as email. If you are looking to have audio feedback in these situations and are not then you should check this location first as well.

iPod Touch Damage

There can easily be a problem with damage to the iPod Touch, and this can often occur in a place that you would not have anticipated. If you are having trouble receiving even playback through your headphones, like if one ear piece is being favored over another or you can hear spotty audio when rotating the headphone plug in, then this can actually be a problem with your headphone jack. To see if this is the actual issue in your iPod Touch then you should try several pairs of headphones to see if this repairs the problem, but if it persists then this can actually be an internal problem. This is not an easy problem to troubleshoot as you cannot just easily repair this issue on your own. Instead, you should try to avoid it altogether by taking great care of your iPod Touch’s headphone jack.