Zune HD Screen Flicker Problem: Can My Zune be Fixed?

Zune HD Screen Flicker Problem: Can My Zune be Fixed?
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So, What is the Problem?

Zune is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPod. It allows users to download and play music and videos no matter where they are. But, many users have had problems with this device. The Zune seems to have flickering lines running through it at certain times. So, what causes the Zune HD screen flicker, and how do you fix it?

Most people seem to experience the problem when they are browsing the web using their wireless Internet. It is especially noticeable if someone is viewing a page with bright colors or pages that have a lot of white on them. Most users won’t notice the issue on darker pages. But, it is there.

As users start scanning the page, the lines will appear, and it will cause minor screen disruption. Most people who use the device generally do just ignore it since it isn’t hurting anything, except some people’s eyes. Users who do experience the issue are usually using their wireless Internet to download or transfer data. Once this is done, the issue regularly goes away or diminishes greatly.

How do You Fix the Problem?

While this issue isn’t major, it is annoying for many people. And, what’s worse, it’s not a firmware issue as many have speculated. According to Microsoft, the problem is with the device itself. And, it’s not all devices, only certain ones. So, more than likely, Microsoft will not provide any type of update to fix the issue.

But, there are ways around the issue. For one, you can simply ignore it. The screen flicker is not a major problem, but a minor annoyance. And, it doesn’t affect anything other than web browsing and data transfer.

Another way around the issue is to shut off your wireless Internet. It seems to only happen when this is enabled, and it could be an issue with too many programs running at once or the device over-heating a bit.

Or, if you are downloading data and are annoyed by the issue, you can just start the data download and leave the device be. Once the data transfer is done, start using the device again. While this isn’t exactly a fix, it will keep you away from having to watch the flickering lines go across your Zune HD device.

Should I Return My Zune HD?

If you, however, want to totally do away with the issue, there is no patch or true fix. Microsoft has indicated that since it is a device issue that they won’t try to fix it. So, you’re only other recourse is to return the device.

The problem, however, with returning the device is there hasn’t been a new version released. This means that you’ll probably still have a high probability of purchasing another Zune with the same issue. You’ll probably just have to wait until Microsoft comes out with their next Zune HD version.