Microsoft Zune

Read reviews of Zune MP3 players as well as buying guides, tutorials and how-to articles. Microsoft Zune products offer wireless synching, video and music storage, radio access and much more! Explore all Zune products from Zune 4 to Zune 120!

Zune Player Tips: Transferring Music Files to Zune

Do you need help transferring music files to Zune players? This article will show you different ways to get music files onto your Zune so you can start enjoying it. You’ll learn how to use Windows Media Player to add music, how to add tunes manually, and how to get one of your CDs onto a Zune.

Top 10 Free Zune HD Apps

The Zune HD is more than just a music and video player. With the release of several new applications in the past year it has become a mainstay that rivals the iPod in all facets. The integration of Xbox 360 and access to Windows Phone 7 software exhibits Microsoft’s commitment to the platform.

Microsoft Zune Setup Tips & Tricks

Learn how to install the Microsoft Zune device and software right the first time. From basic Microsoft Zune setup to tips and tricks on making the process easier, this article covers it all. With these steps, the infamous Zune setup error messages are no more.

Zune Problems Solved: How Do I Put Videos on My Zune?

If you get an error message or the files won’t sync at all when placing videos on your Zune, your first question may be how do I put videos on my Zune. Since the Zune only supports certain formats, you may need to convert some of your videos to the correct formats before adding them to your Zune.

Top 10 Microsoft Zune Games in 2011

While the Microsoft Zune has gotten rave reviews for its specs for playing music and videos it has taken a beating when it comes to applications and Microsoft Zune Games. Even though there aren’t many games for the Zune the ones that are available are pretty darn good.