The Best Tower Based Strategy Games for the iPod Touch

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Getting Into Towers

Along with text based iPhone and iPod Touch MMO RPGs like iMob Online, the tower based iPhone and iPod Touch strategy games are some of the most popular for iPod Touch and iPhone users. These touch screen games have a universal design that includes a map with one side that is up to you to protect. The other side releases enemies that will travel across the map to get what you have in your safety grip on the opposing side. You will position defensive towers in between to attack the enemies and neutralize them from reaching your side. Each of these games brings something different to this model, and some are better than others. Here is a guide to the best tower based iPod Touch strategy games.

Tap Defense

Traditionally one free iPod Touch game has dominated this field entirely: Tap Defense. Tap Defense has been consistently one of the most popular, both because it was one of the first released and because the gameplay is so simple that you can pick it up in a few minutes. In Tap Defense you have the strange task of protecting the gates of heaven from the strange inhabitants of hell. This is done with relatively minimal graphics, and you have different types of towers that affect each enemy somewhat different. Like most the rest of the tower games Tap Defense allows you to upgrade your towers, and even sell them when necessary. Tap Defense tips pages are all around the internet, which means that you will be able to get ahead with only a minimal amount of research. One of the best reasons that Tap Defense is great for the iPod Touch is that it does not require an internet connection

Tower Madness: 3D Tower Defense

Tower Madness: 3D Tower Defense, or the free version Tower Madness Zero: 3D Tower Defense, is one of the more recent tower based iPhone and iPod Touch strategy games and is by far one of the best. Tower Madness takes a strange premise to begin with, which is not to say those of games like Tap Defense are not. You control one side of a farm plane. On your side is a flock of sheep that you are invested in protecting. Aliens then arrive on the other end and begin migrating across the field to steal your sheep. You then place mechanized military towers to defend against them, blocking their path, and trying to lengthen their trip enough to kill them before they arrive. As you progress in Tower Madness you will release harder levels, more types of towers, and more enemies that can attack you. This is all on top of Tower Madness’s online features, which mainly reduce to bragging about your success. The real great aspect of Tower Madness on your iPod Touch is the 3D graphics that allows you to go into different views ranging from directly above to on the same face to face plane with your towers and enemies.

Sentinel 2

Some of the iPod Touch titles that are referred to as tower based iPhone and iPod Touch strategy games play pretty fast and loose with their restrictions. Sentinel 2: Earth Defense, which is a little steep at $2.99 at the App Store, opens up what is possible in this genre. The ideas are the same in essentially that you have to protect earth from invading aliens with turret weapon technology. What ends up being most different is that you can send out “mobile attack drones” and there are mission modes that put it in line with more traditional real time strategy fare. The great graphics of Sentinel 2: Earth Defense will also be enough to keep you crowded around your iPod Touch.

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