iPod Touch Brightness and Sound Settings

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iPod Touch Aesthetics

The aesthetics of the iPod Touch are also an area that can be focused on and altered just like the others. This extends to the host of sounds and visual capabilities that the iPod Touch uses for its common functions. Things like the sounds that are employed, the clarity of image that are is there, as well as the ability of the iPod Touch’s battery to maintain life are all a part of this series of options. Here is a guide to a few of the aesthetic functional settings of the iPod Touch.

iPod Touch Brightness Settings

The brightness of the iPod Touch is directly related to how clearly you can interpret and use the images on the touch screen, not to mention watch video on it. At the same time you want to create a nice balance so that you do not over use the battery and compromise its length of life. Go to the iPod Touch Settings option on the desktop. Inside the iPod Touch’s Settings go to the second section, which is Brightness. When you look at the iPod Touch’s Brightness Settings you will have two major options. The top is a bar where you can set how bright you want your iPod Touch’s display to be. You should set it toward the middle with a little lean toward the brighter side. The iPod Touch Auto-Brightness function has a switch below the brightness bar that you can select On or Off. It is set to On and works to respond to the environment with light sensors, and usually should stay on unless you do not want to compromise the brightness setting that you have established.

iPod Touch Sound Settings

If you want to change the iPod Touch’s normal sounds start by going to the iPod Touch’s Settings just as you did when affecting brightness. Go to the top of the third section and select General, which is right above Music. Once you are in the General iPod Touch Settings select Sounds from the second section, sitting right below Wallpaper. In the Sounds Settings section you can start by setting the general bar of sound that you want on your iPod Touch’s sounds. This will determine how loud all the sounds are. It is normally kept above seventy five percent, but you may want to bring it lower. Next there are switches for On and Off for a series of different iPod Touch functions that have accompanying sounds. These functions are New Mail, Sent Mail, Calendar Alerts, Lock Sounds, and Keyboard Clicks. You may want to limit how many of these have sounds associated.

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