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Watching Video on the iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is a multimedia device, not just a fancy music player or a console for mobile gaming. With the iPod Touch, you can do almost every bit of media consumption and communication that you can without a phone line. Watching video is a central feature of the iPod Touch’s design and it is perfect for this in its side viewing. Here videos come in with unbelievable clarity and are great on the go. Everything inside the iPod Touch has a certain level of customization and the video section does as well. Here is a guide for iPod Touch video settings.

Searching Through

When you are at the opening page of the iPod Touch desktop find and select Settings. Once you are in the iPod Touch settings go down to the third section, which affects different content sections of the iPod Touch. The third option down, below Music and above Photos, is Video.

iPod Touch Video Settings

Once you are in the iPod Touch video settings you have a few options. At the very top you can decide where you want the video to start playing. The default it is set at in the iPod Touch is to start again where you last left it, which is good for quick bursts of viewing. If you leave a movie halfway through and then open up that movie again you will be in the spot where it last was. The only other option is to set it to always start at the beginning.

Below that is the ability to turn on the closed captioning, which is a great feature for hearing impaired users or those in noisy areas. Try out the closed captioning on a video segment to see if it will work for that one, but some videos purchased on iTunes will have closed captioning.

Below that top section is one for TV Out. Here you can turn the Widescreen viewing capability on or off. You can also choose between NTSC and the European PAL TV Signal.

Other Options

These may be a sparse set of options for your iPod Touch video, but you can also alter your video library right from the video section. This usually just includes moving and classification. You can also easily make changes on iTunes before you sync the video to your iPod Touch.

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