Top 10 Free iPod Touch Apps: A List of My Favorite Free an Fun iPod Touch Apps

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The List

Here’s some of my favorite free applications currently available for the iPod Touch. I hope you find them interesting and useful, but there’s one thing we can’t argue about – the price!

Note: In my previous article My Top Ten IPod Touch Apps I covered my favorite iPod Touch apps, and even though some were free I’m not going to repeat apps listed on the last list. Let’s just assume those are my cream of the crop.

In no particular order, here we go:


This app has become one of my most used apps. Are you annoyed that you cannot type emails in landscape mode? EasyWriter allows you to do this, and sends what you type straight to an email.

It is only free for a limited time, so get your copy fast!

IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger

There are a bunch of instant messaging programs for the Touch. This is my favorite. It works across many platforms (including MobileMe), and my favorite feature is that it allows you to appear invisible to your buddies. This means you can logon and see who is online, but they can’t see you.


Sportacular allows you to check the latest sports scores from your favorites teams in almost every league.

eBay Mobile

If you use eBay, you want this app. It not only allows you to search and bid on auctions, but it gves you a summary of your eBay activity on the main screen. You can quickly see if you are winning your auctions or if you need to bid again.

Bank of America’s Mobile Banking

This app seems to get a lot of slack, but I like it. It allows me to check my accounts without having to go to the BoA website.


FStream is a great app for streaming Internet radio through your Touch.

Movies & i. TV

These two are related so I figured I’d group them together. Movies is my app of choice for checking movie times at local theaters. i. TV also checks movies, but I use it for U.S. local TV listings. It does a lot more than that, too!


Need to find a certain zipcode for that letter you are mailing? This is the app for you!


There a several flashlight apps in the store. Why pay for one when you can get one for free? This one will light in colors, too! Believe it or not, I have found a use for these light apps, and they fill a need when a flashlight is not handy.

So there you go. My Top 10 Free Apps. Get them while they’re still free! You never know when a developer will change the price.