iPod Touch Cracked Screen Tips: What Happens to an iPod Touch with a Cracked Screen?

iPod Touch Cracked Screen Tips: What Happens to an iPod Touch with a Cracked Screen?
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iPod Touch Cracked Screen

The story is a common one: you weren’t paying close enough attention and your iPod Touch, an expensive portable media player that people often use to organize their life, has hit the concrete. After picking it up and brushing it off you notice that the iPod Touch has a cracked screen, and your face drops. Will a cracked iPod Touch still work? Here is a look at what happens when you have an iPod Touch with cracked glass and whether or not it will work.

I Just Broke It

There is no concrete answer as to whether or not an iPod Touch with a cracked screen will work correctly, but in a general sense this is not going to shut it down. Usually you will know within a matter of minutes whether or not the issue of the cracked glass will cause a problem in your specific situation. The reason is that unlike other types of iPod Touch damage that can occur, such as serious water damage, you will usually know the extent of the damage almost immediately. There is not later damage that will occur in most cases, so if it works right off the bat it should continue to work.

The main thing that you are going to have to be concerned about is whether or not you will be able to actually utilize the touch screen, not whether or not the iPod Touch’s internal computer mechanisms will work. The iPod Touch’s glass touch screen is both a vessel to view content and control content, and if the crack of the touch screen is significant enough then it could interfere with both. Usually the point of impact in the iPod Touch’s cracked glass will be the main part that will be unresponsive while the rest of it remains easy to control. It is up to the user whether or not it is still acceptable to watch video content on, but for most users it will not be.

Dealing With It

In general you have few options for dealing with your iPod Touch’s cracked touch screen. First, AppleCare protection or your original warranty will not cover a cracked iPod Touch screen unless it came that way when you purchased it. To replace an iPod Touch’s cracked glass you can pay a $100 fee, which is cheaper than a new iPod Touch altogether yet still fairly expensive.

There are a number of third-party companies that offer glass, installation, or both for purchase. These will usually be less expensive than actually getting it from Apple directly, but they are not as reliable as going directly to the source. If you go to Apple and there is a problem with your repair or installation then Apple will definitely be responsible, as well as for the warranty for other things that could go wrong with your iPod Touch.


Source: Author’s own experience.

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