Learn What Magellan GPS Unlock Codes Are and Where to Find Them

Learn What Magellan GPS Unlock Codes Are and Where to Find Them
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What is a GPS Unlock Code?

An unlock code on a GPS is basically like serial numbers for software products. Only if a GPS is registered can certain items be downloaded including maps. Locating your Magellan GPS unlock code should be fairly simple, but you need to know the unlock code that is correct for your GPS system. If not, it will not work.

Installing the GPS Unlock Code

The Magellan unlock code will either be located on some paperwork (i.e. instructions, certificate, etc.) that you received with the GPS

device, or it could be on the installation CD that you received. Generally, once you register your Magellan GPS device, the unlock code may also be emailed to you. Wherever it’s located, find it. Then follow the below instructions in order to unlock your device. These instructions are generic, but should give you a general idea of how to proceed.

  1. Power up your GPS device.
  2. If an icon pops up, press it. You should be able to press any icon on the screen to begin the unlock process.
  3. A prompt for the unlock code should appear. Type in the unlock letters and/or numbers.
  4. If the unlock code worked, you should now be able to use your device.

Once the GPS unlock code is accepted, you won’t ever need to enter it again. But, don’t lose it. You may need it in the future if your GPS device gets wiped or something else happens to it.

If the one that you entered doesn’t work, double-check the code, and try re-entering it. If your unlock code still doesn’t work, you may have to contact Magellan customer support. There are some sites online that do have Magellan GPS unlock codes, including the Magellan site itself. But, many of these codes will probably not be valid anymore or may not be the correct unlock code for your device. Remember, each device has its own GPS unlock code.

Problems with Magellan Customer Service

If your Magellan GPS unlock code doesn’t work or if you lost it, you may have some trouble obtaining a new unlock code from Magellan. Magellan’s customer service is only open 6 am to 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday. Many people have had issues with getting a Magellan customer service agent to call them back when they need to get a new unlock code even though a customer is supposed to receive a new unlock within one to two business days.

But, oftentimes, several calls need to be made to Magellan customer support in order to receive it. The customer service representative should be able to give you an unlock code over the phone. If they do not, ask to speak to a supervisor, especially if you’ve called them more than once.

Magellan customer service can be reached by either calling 800-707-9971 or by submitting a virtual ticket at their website.