Sunriver Geocaching Offers Outstanding and Challenging Opportunities for Geocachers

Sunriver Geocaching Offers Outstanding and Challenging Opportunities for Geocachers
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Maintain you Equipment

The unique high desert climate of the Sunriver area of central Oregon boasts some 300 days of summer a year. Towering peaks are way off in the distance and the lush coastal region where the pacific meets stoic ridgelines is not that far off either. But the Sunriver is a great vacation spot and offers some challenging geocaching sites that will afford you the opportunity to experience the natural world here in all its glory for all four seasons.

Incidentally, much like your GPS device needs fresh batteries and updated mapping software from time to time, your own physical vessel needs consistent care and regulation with exercise to help benefit your mind, body, and spirit. So the fact that these more challenging geocaching expeditions combine a hobby with the healthy effect of hiking/walking is an added bonus. To explore more about that and experience the many different levels Bright Hub seeks to be a valuable resource for you, read Walking Is Free So Leave Stress in the Dust: The Physical Benefits. You’ll be even more motivated on your next hike.

Sunriver Geocaching Splendor

Over 500 hundred geocache stashes lay hidden for the taking within a 25 mile radius of the Sun River resort laden community (190 within 10 miles). A person can combine their GPS assisted quests with hiking, biking, kayaking, and bird-watching to name a few. Fabulous places to stay from rustic campgrounds and cabins to four star resorts are available when the hiking and seeking day (or night) is done. Just like the areas namesake it all runs together with no need for a space between. Prospects for all levels of geocaches abound, especially for the kids, but this article is geared for the extremists so let’s get to it.

As you know, all the details you’ll need are online are on dedicated geocaching websites so I’ll pinpoint them here for your convenience. The best place to start is with the dedicated locals at Oregon Geocaching. A little bit of searching for the highest rated geocaches (the rating system was discussed in the first article of this series) to test your skills in the refreshing high desert air.

Alright, how about canyoneering and geocaching in one while traversing the steep and rugged beauty of the wild Deschutes River Canyon? Your prize awaits you in the aptly named “Hole of Inaccessibility.” Keep an eye out for rattlesnakes in this country. I fought a few forest fires in Central Oregon in my younger days and the rattlers were plentiful but that should just give adrenaline junkies a little more fuel for the fire. Plus you’ll see a bevy of wild animals that make the trip worthwhile anyway. Check out this and other demanding places to pack your GPS in at Traditional Mountaineering. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a host of other articles about the region.

Another invaluable resource awaits you at the Oregon portion of the most popular all encompassing geocaching site, Remember again that, as mentioned in the first article of this series, this site uses stars to rate the difficulty level of a cache and five stars for both categories will be the toughest prizes at the end of your quest.

There you have it, more than enough resources to find the hardest Sunriver geocaching available in for the fit and smartest puzzle-solvers amongst you. This popular pursuit is an excellent excuse to expose yourself to new places and the rugged and pristine Sunriver area is certainly worth the trip. Next in this series we will cover geocaches in Imperial County, California.

For each of these articles I’m hoping any local geocachers who think they know more difficult spots in the neck of the woods I’m writing about would kindly leave a comment below with a few details about it. Although these areas are thoroughly researched in the hopes of bringing you the best results, there is no substitute to the folks on the ground there that know their own backyard better than anyone else.

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