How Do You Enter Coordinates into a Garmin 441s GPS?

How Do You Enter Coordinates into a Garmin 441s GPS?
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Using the Garmin 441s

The Garmin GPSMAP 441s is a type of marine GPS receiver. It costs between $450 and $500, and it features a 4-inch QVGA color screen. This device allows you to chart your route, and it also comes with a fishfinder.

Before you can plot where you are going, you need to know how to add your coordinates. So, you are now faced with a question: how do you enter coordinates into a Garmin 441s GPS?

Adding Waypoints

Well, you have different ways of doing this. The easiest way to navigate to a GPS coordinate is to use the Where To? screen, which is located on the Home Screen. Select the Where To? Button, and you’ll pull up four different categories:

  • Waypoints
  • Routes
  • Tracks
  • Offshore Services: This provides you with a list of services such as grocery stores, fuel and ramps.

Before you can head to any destination, you need to create either a waypoint or route. To create a waypoint, follow the below directions:

  • Go to the Home Screen, and then Charts.

  • From this screen, go to Navigation Chart, Menu and Waypoints and Tracks.

  • Select New Waypoint.

  • You have three ways to make waypoints:

    • Use Chart: Go to the Rocker, and select the point that you want to navigate to. Hit Select.
    • Enter Coordinates: This allows you to manually enter the coordinates for the new waypoint.
    • Use Current Position: This creates a waypoint from your present location.

If you want to use the current position option, hit the Mark key. You know have different options for the current location information.

  • Man Overboard: Lets others know the exact location where someone fell off the boat.
  • Delete: Allows you to remove a waypoint.
  • Right or Left Arrow: Allows you to move between the Navigation Chart and the Waypoint.
  • Edit Waypoint: Allows you to change information for the waypoint, including the symbol, water temperature/depth and symbol.

Creating a Route

Besides waypoints, you can also create routes. The 441s GPS system can hold up to 100 routes. You can create routes from your current location or from a different location. To make a route from your boat’s present location, follow the below directions:

  • Open up the Navigation Chart.
  • Select the pointer, and select your destination.
  • Go to Navigate To and Route To.
  • Use the pointer, and select the final turn that you want to make.
  • Add additional turns to the Navigation Chart using the above method. If you accidentally add a wrong turn, hit Menu to erase it.
  • Save the route by going to Information and User Data. Select Routes
  • Go to Unsaved Routes and then Save/Edit.
  • Click Save Route, and give the route a name.

You can also add a route from a location different than your present one. This is a good option for planning your route ahead of time from land. To create a route from a different location, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Home Screen, and then Information and User Data.
  • Go to Route and New Route.
  • You can use either the Navigation Chart or the Waypoint list to find your route. If you select the Use Chart option, place the map pointer on the first location. Select the waypoint for the first location if you want to use the Use Waypoint List option.
  • Use the pointer or the waypoint for the first turn, and hit select to add it to the map.
  • Follow the previous directions for all subsequent turns.
  • Hit Menu, and save the route.

Once the route is saved, you can navigate to the route. You can also delete or edit it as necessary.

Getting to Your Destination

Once you have your route or waypoints inputted into the Garmin 441s, it’s time to actually navigate to the route. You have three options when heading to a destination:

  • Route To: This allows you to create a route and add turns.

  • Go To: Goes directly to the destination. You should be wary when using this option. It does not distinguish between shallow water, land and objects.

  • Guide To: This option uses the BlueChart g2 Vision chart to give you suggestions on which route to take. You must have the SD

    Destination Scree

    card for this technology stored on your device.

To navigate to a location, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Home Screen, and press Where To?
  • Pick the category that you want to use.
  • Pick your destination, and hit Navigate To.
  • Next, select one of the following: Route To, Go To or Guide To.
  • Use the colored line to navigate toward your destination.

You now know the answer to the question how do you enter coordinates into a Garmin 441s GPS.