How to View Images on TomTom GPS Devices

How to View Images on TomTom GPS Devices
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TomTom as Media Device

Recent models of navigation devices from TomTom can put in double duty as media devices. Once you learn how to view images on TomTom, you can take photos with you on your next trip. The TomTom navigation device will get you there quickly and efficiently. Then use your TomTom to show around some of your favorite photos.

Loading Photos to TomTom

Photos are loaded to a TomTom navigation using the TomTom Home PC based software. You probably already have TomTom Home installed on your computer to keep your TomTom software and maps up to date. If you have not installed the software, download it here, attach your TomTom unit to the computer and register with TomTom.

The TomTom software interface has three main columns. The left column is menu options for the software and nav unit, the center column provides access to files on your computer and the right column is data installed on the TomTom navigation unit. To copy photos from your computer to the TomTom unit follow these steps.

  1. Select Photos in the menu options column.
  2. Locate the photos to upload in the center column of TomTom Home. The software finds the pictures using the Add, OK and Search commands to bring pictures into the Photos section. Make the process easy by organizing all of the photos you want to upload into a single folder on your computer.
  3. Select the box next to each photo to install. If the box is white the photo is not selected. If the box is filled or colored, the photo has been selected.
  4. When all of the desired pictures are selected, check to make sure the TomTom unit is connected to the computer and select Install.

The photos are now installed on your TomTom unit. If the nav unit includes an SD memory card, TomTom Home will allow you to choose whether to store the photos in internal memory on on the SD card.

Viewing Photos on TomTom

Photos are accessed from the Main Menu of the TomTom navigation unit. Depending on the TomTom model, one menu item will be either Media or Media and Music. Tap the menu item Photo Gallery. The photo gallery will appear showing thumbnails of all uploaded photos.

  • Tap on an individual photo to view the picture in the full screen of the TomTom.
  • The plus (+) and minus (-) symbols on each side of the picture allow you to zoom in or out on the photo.
  • The arrows on either side of a picture allow navigation to the previous or next picture.
  • Tap on Slideshow to start a slideshow of the installed photos.
  • The Delete option on the screen will delete the currently selected photo.

For your next road trip, load up some photos to your TomTom and use the how to view images on TomTom function to turn your navigation unit into a multi-tasker. After installing photos you may want to add a spiffy car symbol or change the voices from your TomTom.