Kindle Tips: How to Delete Books from Kindle

Kindle Tips: How to Delete Books from Kindle
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Deleting Books

When you delete a book from your Kindle it is removed from your Kindle, but it is still kept on the Amazon servers and in the Archives, so you can redownload the book later if you change your mind. You can also permanently delete the book from the servers and Archives if you like.

Delete Books from Kindle 1

To delete books from the Kindle 1, you need to perform the following steps.

  • Connect your Kindle to your computer via the USB cable. Click Open Folder when prompted to view the files using Windows Explorer. There should be three folders showing: Audible, Music and Documents.
  • Double-click the documents folder to open it. Click View from the menu bar at the top and select Details. Click the Name column to sort the list of documents by name.
  • Each book will have two files with extensions AZW and MPB. For each book title that you want to delete, select both files for that book and delete them. If you want to delete more than one book at a time, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard to select more than one and then delete.
  • Disconnect the Kindle from your computer. Turn the Kindle off and then turn it back on. The book will now be deleted from your Kindle.

Delete Books from Kindle 2

It is simple to remove books from the Kindle 2 using the 5-way controller. Perform the following steps to learn how to delete books on the Kindle 2.

  • From the Kindle Home screen, use the 5-way controller to find and highlight the book that you want to delete.
  • Press Left using the 5-way controller.
  • Select the black Delete button that appears.
  • Use the 5-way controller to select OK to confirm that you want to delete the books you selected.

Delete Books from Kindle 3

It is just as easy to delete books on a Kindle 3.

  • Select the book that you want to delete on the Home screen.
  • Click the Left arrow on the 5-way controller, which opens a Delete button on the screen.
  • Press the center button on the 5-way controller to click the Delete button and the book is deleted from your Kindle.

Archived Items

When you delete a book that you have purchased from Amazon on your Kindle, it is deleted from your Kindle but a copy is still available on the Amazon book management page, just in case you decide you want to put the book back on your Kindle. It is also still showing in the Kindle Archived Items folder.

If you did not purchase the book from Amazon, or if it is a Kindle periodical that is no longer on the Amazon servers, when you delete a book you will see a message: This item will be permanently deleted. Would you like to continue?

If you mistakenly chose to delete this book or periodical, you can hit the Back button on the Kindle to go back to where you were before you chose to delete.

If you confirm, then the book is removed; and if it was purchased from Amazon, it will remain on Amazon’s servers just in case you ever want the book back again.

If you want to permanently remove a book from your Kindle library and Archived Items perform the following steps:

  • Find the book in the Your Kindle Library list.
  • Click the Actions button and select Delete from library to permanently delete the book from your account and Archived items.
  • The book is deleted from your account, and you will no longer have access to re-download the book on your Kindle from your account.

If you want to view your Archived items on your kindle you can do so.

  • Press the Menu button on your Kindle.
  • Select and click View Archived Items.

A list of all of the archived items on your Kindle will display on the screen.

Delete a Collection

You can store your books and other content on your Kindle into collections to be more organized. If you delete a collection, however, the books within the collection are not deleted but are moved back to the Home screen on the Kindle. To delete a collection that you have created perform the following steps.

  • Highlight the collection you want to delete on the Home screen on your Kindle.
  • Press Right on the 5-way controller. A list of collection options will display on the screen.
  • Select Delete using the 5-way controller, and then follow the onscreen instructions to delete the collection.

The books in the collection will automatically move back to the Home screen.