Where Do You Get Books for the Sony E-Reader? 4 Great Sources for eBooks

Where Do You Get Books for the Sony E-Reader? 4 Great Sources for eBooks
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eReader Books

The first question when anyone gets an Sony ereader has to be, “Where do you get books for the Sony e-reader?” This question can be quite simple or very difficult depending on the types of books you want and how much you are willing to pay, because there are a lot of choices that can help you both save money on books and find books which are not available in other eBook libraries.

Reader Store

The most basic way to get books for the Sony ereader is to go to the Sony Reader store. The easiest way to do this is to download the Sony Reader software. In this way you can buy any of the millions of books in the Reader Store. The main advantage of the Sony Reader software is that it is designed specifically for the Sony Reader and so once you have the software downloaded it becomes very easy to move the books to the reader simply by attaching the USB cord.

Local Library

One of the most interesting answers to where to get books for the Sony e-Reader may be your local library. Not all libraries are using this program, but many are. This will allow you to check out books from your library which will remain on your device for a couple of weeks. If you want to check to see if your local library is using this program this you will want to go to the website of any library at which you have a library card. If your library is not using the program you can easily suggest to the librarians that they do as they are almost always looking for new ways to improve the library.

Public Domain

project gutenberg

For classic books, the best choice is often going to be to use one of the many sites which use the public domain. The good thing about these sites are that many of the best books ever written are completely free. The largest of these is Project Gutenberg. Since the Sony eReader uses an open format for its books it makes it very easy to download books from any of the public domain websites in the ePub format. You can then put them onto the Sony eReader using any number of excellent programs including the Sony eReader Desktop software.

Other eBook Reader Libraries

While not as easy as many of the others there are a number of excellent format converters for eBooks. Calibre is one of the top programs and allows you to convert nearly any eBook into any other type. If the only choice for an eBook is the Amazon library, for example, it is usually possible, though not always easy, to buy these without owning that device. The best way to test this is to try one of the free books that nearly every eBook library has. If it is easy to move then you can try one that costs money and it shoudn’t be all that much more difficult.