Kindle Tips: How to Remove Kindle Battery

Kindle Tips: How to Remove Kindle Battery
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The Back View

The back of the Kindle contains the power and wireless on/off switches, the audio speaker for listening to audio content, the removable back cover that covers the battery, an SD memory card slot and the reset button.

How to Remove: Kindle Battery

Turn the Kindle over so that it is facing you. Slide the power switch to the off position. Let it cool down if you’ve been using it for a while. Press the cover firmly and slide it to the right using your thumbs. The cover should now be completely off of the Kindle. You should see the battery in the bottom right corner of the Kindle. To make it easier for you, each item is clearly labeled.

Now we will remove the battery. Find the black and red cable that extends from the battery. Pull the connector and unplug it from the main circuit board. Loosen the 8 Torx screws that fasten the Kindle’s back casing in place. Do not remove these screws; only loosen them. Using a thin flat-head screwdriver, insert it in the crease around the Kindle’s outer edge. Work the screwdriver around the battery to remove the back casing. Once the casing is removed, you will see the circuit board and other components. Now, simply lift the battery out.

You should do all of these steps very gently. If you are replacing the battery, gently plug the connector back in from the main circuit board, put it in place and tighten the 8 Torx screws. Put the back casing back on by gently pressing it in place over the battery compartment. There are different batteries you can purchase for the Kindle if you need a new battery.

Replace the Back Cover

Lay the cover flat on the back of the Kindle and slide it to the left until you hear it click into place. Make sure the tabs on the cover are seated. There are three tabs extending from the left side of the cover and four tabs underneath.

Power Indicator Lights

When the Kindle is attached to the power adaptor, the LED will light indicating the Kindle is receiving power. When it is fully charged, the light turns off. When the battery runs down again, the LED comes back on. When this happens, you should plug in the power adapter.

The power switch turns the Kindle off and on. If you don’t want to turn the Kindle off when you are finished reading, hold down the ALT key and press and release the Text key. This puts your Kindle to sleep. This extends the battery life and locks the other keys and buttons on the Kindle so you don’t accidentally lose your bookmark. Press the same keys to wake your Kindle up. The Kindle automatically goes to sleep after 10 minutes of not using it.

Now that you’ve learned how to replace kindle battery, you might want to know some great tips on using it.


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