Free Spy Gear to Make at Home

Free Spy Gear to Make at Home
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Secret Stash Bottle

Every spy needs a secret place to keep things and this is the perfect place. Free spy gear doesn’t get easier than a secret stash bottle. To make a secret stash bottle you will need two identical two liter bottles (one empty one nearly so), a pair of scissors and waterproof glue. First take one of both two liter bottles and carefully cut and peel away the label. Keep the label as you will need it. Cut the bottle so that you have removed about two inches from the middle. You now have two separate pieces. Nest the top inside of the bottom. Next cut the bottom off the second bottle just above the end of the label. Fill the bottom with soda and nest the other bottle inside. Glue the label you cut off back to the top portion of the top bottle so that it covers the cut marks. Now you have a two liter soda bottle secret stash that you can keep in your room.

Saftey Deck

deck of cards

Sometimes when a spy is traveling he needs to have a place to keep his most important gear. A safety deck is a modified deck of cards that allows a spy to hide small items like money, microphones, SD cards or anything else that is small in nature-and a great piece of free spy gear! You’ll need a deck of cards and the card box, an X-acto knife or razor blade and some glue. Open the card box and remove the cards. Take the top eight or nine cards off the deck and set them to the side. Glue the rest of the cards together around the outside. Now cut a rectangular hole in the top card. Keep cutting away at the cards until you are two-thirds of the way to the bottom of the deck. Glue the interior sides of the new rectangular pit you’ve created. Place the removed cards back on the deck and put the deck back in the box. Now you have a secret safety deck. If you are questioned about it you can pull out the deck and fan out the first few cards to assure everyone that there is nothing funny about them.

Keyhole Spy Tool

clear marble

The keyhole free spy gadget is so cool because it is made from two ordinary objects that no one would think twice about. What you need: a small clear marble and a five inch square of dark colored thick paper. Take the marble and set it in the middle on one edge of the paper. Roll the paper up into a tight cylinder and blow the marble to the end so that half of it is sticking out (this takes a bit of practice). Put the marble up to a keyhole (if the keyhole is big enough you can push the cylinder through it). Look through the end of the cylinder and you can see the entire room on the other side of the door. Because of the way optics work, the image will be upside down but you’ll still be able to see what’s there. This is one of the neatest free spy gadgets around.

Hidden Pocket

Blue Jeans

Another piece of free spy gear is the hidden pocket. This one is great if you happen to turn out your pockets for someone. You’ll need a pocket lining from another pair of pants or just a piece of fabric you can sew into a pocket, a sewing kit, scissors, a piece of Velcro and a pair of jeans to put the hidden pocket in. On the hidden pocket, adhere the Velcro to the top on both sides (either by sewing or by pressing with adhesive). Turn the jeans inside out so you can see the pocket lining. Cut the back part of the lining an inch below the hemline. Now sew the hidden pocket to the exposed pocket with one side sewn above the cut and one below. Turn the pants right side out and you’re done. The secret pocket won’t be exposed and can be kept shut by the Velcro until you need to use it. This will keep you from inadvertently putting items into the wrong pocket. This is a great place to keep money, identification or other important things that you don’t want to have stolen.

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Deck of Cards Image Courtesy of TrekkyAndy at Flickr

Clear Marble Image Courtesy of Andres Rueda at Flickr

Pop Bottle Image Courtesy of jon_a_ross at Flickr

Blue Jean courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Marcos Andre