Top 10 Security and Spy Gadgets

Top 10 Security and Spy Gadgets
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Security and Spy Gadgets

Spy gadgets are resourceful devices that can be used for recreational purposes as well as crucial surveillance and covert missions. Spy gadgets that can be transformed into effective security tools are surveillance cameras, night vision goggles, metal detectors, GPS tracking devices, taser/stun guns, handcuffs, motion sensors, panic alarms, laser trip wires and walkie-talkies.

Here we discuss security and spy gadgets that are designed to uncover data in complicated covert situations.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are very popular security devices and can be found in almost any public commercial and business environment so that merchants can keep an eye on stock, consumers, clients and staff at all times. They are also used in the home to monitor young children, housekeepers, nannies and, regrettably, intruders. Surveillance security cameras are connected and synchronized with video monitors or PC’s so that business/home owners can see real time undertakings as they are happening.

Night Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles effectively distinguish images clearly at night with their sophisticated lenses and built-in infrared technology

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systems. Intruders can be easily identified in pitch-dark conditions, early enough with time to sound an alarm and notify security authorities.

Metal Detectors

Also categorized as security scanners, metal detectors detect metal objects of any kind. They can help identify the presence of a

security detector

weapon – gun, knife, bomb etc. This prevent harmful armed persons from entering a protected area where they could possibly cause injury to unsuspecting civilians. Metal detectors come in the form of relatively small handheld equipment or as elongated screen rods, popularly seen at airports. These screen rods can be installed along doorframes to avoid confrontational and invasive searches of the innocent and ensure safety altogether.

GPS Tracking Devices

Global tracking systems are in high demand due to how effective and security savvy they are. These devices take the ‘where’ out of your queries. GPS devices can track an object’s current location on earth using latitude and longitude information and are popular among military, aviation, marine, and consumer personnel. GPS units can track other devices such as vehicles and expensive mobile machinery, as well as people and pets, by affixing the GPS device on them.

Taser & Stun Guns

Taser and stun guns are used to impart harmful laser shock waves to cause non-lethal injury unto intruders. Either weapon can

taser gun

incapacitate someone momentarily, disabling them with electric shock. The moment there is a threat the taser or stun gun can be used to paralyze criminals, giving you time to flee and or seek help.


Handcuffs are quite popular among policemen and security guards for detaining criminals. The locking technology of the handcuff is


unyielding and secure; it can restrain any criminal no matter how strong and skilled they might be. The only way to free your hands out of a handcuff is to unlock it with the designated key or to cleverly hack the lock.

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors are very effective spy gadgets that can also be used for security purposes. They are very sensitive devices that can

motion sensors

detect the slightest movement and/or vibration. The placement of motion sensors should be wisely calculated, as they are likely to detect movement other than intruders but that of pests, rodents and other scurrying animals.

Panic Alarms

Panic alarms are also known as panic button devices; they are manually operated and are designed with a push-button technology that

panic button

signals a distress alert to security officials. Once danger is detected, simply press the panic button and instantly help will make its way to you.

Laser Trip Wire

Laser trip wires are cord-like detectors that are tactically cabled along the floors of an off-limit area to signify the presence of an

laser trip wire

intruder. Once contact is made with the laser trip wire it sounds an alarm. The wires are very thin and appear invisible; they go unnoticed by the most professional and skilled criminals.


Walkie-talkies are key in facilitating instant and effective communication between two or more people at relatively far distances. They


are just as effective behind closed doors and walls. When using the walkie-talkie, preventative measures can be properly executed through instantaneous contact to better control a covert mission.


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