How to Hide a Camera: Tips and Considerations on How to Hide a Video Camera

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Before we begin, let it be known that the purpose of hiding a video camera is not to intrude on someone else’s privacy. To this end, this article recommends you hide the video camera on your premises. It must not be hidden in a place where it would be considered trespassing if you bring the camera there.

Even on your own premises, it could be considered as invasion of privacy if you hide a video camera, especially without the knowledge of those who are entitled to know of your intentions.

The only justification for hiding a camera is to collect evidence for legal purposes. This would include evidence gathering on an employee who you suspect of selling company secrets, a maid who you believe is abusing your children, an unfaithful spouse (you need evidence for divorce proceedings) and a babysitter you suspect of stealing cash from the house.

Let’s now move on to the tips on how to hide a camera.

Type of Camera

Firstly, you would want to choose the type of video camera you would want to record video footage secretly. You would not want to be using a bulky camera normally used for broadcast work. The ideal camera would be one that’s portable, doesn’t look like a video camera and isn’t conspicuous. To this end, using spy video cameras would be a good idea if video quality is not a concern.

Recording Time

Once you have decided on the type of video camera you want to use, you would want to check the maximum recording time available. For instance, if the babysitter is around for two hours, you would want to choose a video camera that could record for that amount of time.

You may have to record at a lower quality to enable you to record for a longer duration. Once you’re certain of the recording time, you would want to make sure you’ve enough battery power for the duration of the recording. Although you could connect your video camera to an AC source, you should avoid doing this. Wires can arouse suspicion and lead to discovery of your plan.


Before you put your plan into action, you would want to give the recording a try to check whether all will go well. This should be done well ahead of time so that you would have time to make the necessary adjustments.

If you have the time, you may even want to do a test recording for the intended duration just to make sure everything works out right.

Also, you would want to set the recording minutes ahead of the arrival of the ‘subject’. If the babysitter arrives at eight, you would want to set the camera rolling at least ten minutes before.

Where to Hide

As to where you hide your camera depends on the make of your camera and the location you would want the recording to be done. Sometimes you can get away without really hiding a camera, especially if you have a spy video camera in the form of a clock, watch, keychain or pen. You just leave them among common objects nobody would take an interest in.

If you’re recording through a webcam, all you have to do is turn the recording on and turn off the monitor and you could record without arousing suspicion.