How to Purchase Digital Photo Frames with Your Photos Already Uploaded

How to Purchase Digital Photo Frames with Your Photos Already Uploaded
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Running out of space to display your favorite photos in your living room? It may be that you don’t want to hammer nails into your wall to hang more photo frames. If so, then a digital photo frame is your answer.

A digital photo frame, as you may already know, stores photo in the internal memory of the frame, very much like how a computer does. You can also display your photos on the frame via a memory card. The number of images you could display over a digital photo frame is limited only by the size of the memory made available to it.

With this in mind, you can always use a digital photo frame as a substitute for a photo album. What’s more, you can create slide shows of photos from weddings, birthday parties and graduation ceremonies. A digital photo frame would make an ideal gift for those who can’t use a computer to view slide shows, especially elderly folks. What’s more, you can purchase digital photo frames with your photos already uploaded and have them delivered to your loved ones.

Just imagine, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a digital photo frame delivered to your parents with their wedding photos? This article will look at three services that allow you to purchase digital photo frames with your photos already uploaded.


At Snapfish, run by Hewlett Packard, you upload your favorite images to the Snapfish website and choose the images you want included in your digital photo frame. The number of photos you can include will depend on the size of the photo frame you order.

If you’re ordering the 7-inch or 8-inch photo frame, you can preload up to 100 photos. The 7-inch photo frame would cost you $84.99 and $99.99 if preloaded with photos. The 7-inch model comes with 1GB of internal memory and with a resolution of 480 x 234. That amount of space would allow you to store up to 8000 photos.

The 8-inch photo frame would cost you $109.99 and you would need to add another $30 if you would want it preloaded with photos. It comes with an internal memory of 1GB and a screen resolution of 800 x 600. You can store up to 6400 high-resolution photos. This model also supports music and videos.

Check out their site for more details.

Kodak EasyShare

Kodak Preloaded Digital Photo Frame

Kodak offers similar preloaded digital photo frames. You’re allowed to preload your digital photo frames up to 100 images with the Kodak EasyShare digital photo frames.

You would choose your desired photos from the ones you upload to your Kodak Gallery account. Kodak offers different packages along with its digital photo frames with prices changing from time to time.

Visit the Kodak website to check out the latest deals for its digital photo frames.

Walgreens Photo

Walgreens Preloaded Digital Photo Frame

Walgreens’ Photo Center allows you to order your digital photo frames preloaded with your favorite selection of photos from your account.

You have the option of ordering a 3.5-inch, 7-inch or 8-inch digital photo frames. At the time of writing, the 3.5-inch frame, which you can order with a maximum of 40 photos preloaded, is priced at $54.99. The 7-inch frame at $79.99 will allow you to order up to 100 photos preloaded. The 8-inch frame, offered at $99.99, allows you to have 100 high-resolution photos preloaded when you place an order.

You can visit the Walgreens’ site for more details.

To purchase digital photo frames with your photos already uploaded is going to involve a little effort (uploading photos to your account) and cost you a little extra. However, it’s worth it if you’re thinking of a wonderful gift that could be delivered to the doorstep of someone special.


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