Windows XP Support: Troubleshooting and Fixing Problems

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Windows XP Support

Matt Becker’s article on Windows XP System Requirements lets you find out what your old computer will need in order run Windows XP. If you are still running an old version of Windows, Windows XP may be a far better choice for an upgrade than Vista. Check to see if your old PC has what it takes.

How to Speed up Windows XP by Optimizing CPU Processor Scheduling Options: Dianna Monda Dill’s tutorial on optimizing CPU performance shows you how to change priorities in the processor and reallocate your resources. You may want more power given to background processes, or just want to manually configure which resources go where. The tutorial also covers manually allocating RAM resources.

Arun Kumar M’s article on Windows XP Shutdown and Restart Problems helps you figure out why Your Windows XP OS is giving you trouble when you try to shut it down, and additional problems when you try to start it up again.

He also has a useful article: Save Your Data When XP Crashes: Create the Windows XP Emergency Rescue Disk. Here he goes over the uses of the Emergency disk, explains why old methods of creating Windows rescue disks no longer work, and shows you how, with two free pieces of third party software, you can create a usable Windows XP Emergency Recovery Disk.

Joli Ballew’s article on Using XP scheduled Tasks to Automate your Backup Utility is a handy tip to make performing scheduled backups a background process you don’t need start every night. This is part of her series on Windows XP Backup Utility.

Joli has also written an article series on Windows XP Hardware Profiles which explains the default profile that comes with your XP machine, then shows you how to create a gaming profile, and finally teaches you to create an efficient profile for your laptop.

Have you deleted some fonts and discovered you need them? Rebecca Scudder explains different ways you can Reset Windows XP Fonts in this article, and as a bonus, how to get the new fonts released with Windows Vista.

Tolga Balci discusses the important reasons why you should Run Windows XP as a Non- Admin, both so you are unable to accidentally delete important information from your system, and to prevent or control any Malware that tries to infect your PC. He also explains how to create a non Admin account in Windows XP.

KyleMitchell has written an article on Showing Hidden Files and Folders in Windows XP. There are times you may need to get into the system files in XP, and to do that, you need to see those files. Here are the instructions for having those hidden files show.

Dianna Monda Dill’s tutorial on Changing and Disabling Thumbnail Caching will allow you to go into hidden files and stop thumbnail caching, as the more pictures you have on your computer, the more space they will occupy in your thumbnail cache.

Dianna Monda Dill gives a guide to Creating a Hard Drive Partition for Windows XP Using Super Fdisk. It is a free utility, and partitions can help you organize your computer.

Even more Windows XP Support

In Bright Hub’s Windows channel, the Windows XP Support topic offers many expert articles to improve the performance of Windows XP and solve those problems that crop up with even a well maintained PC.