Windows XP Tips and Support: Troubleshooting Tips, User Guides & Tutorials For Your Windows XP PC

The Windows XP platform is a comprehensive and resilient operating system for the Home and Business PC user. In this topic we look at all your Windows XP Support requirements, discuss Windows XP User Guides and Troubleshoot Windows XP to provide you with an enriched OS platform and enhanced Windows XP driven PC performance.

Is Microsoft Trying to Destroy Windows XP?

When it was announced that support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 was ending, many thought Microsoft was trying to destroy Windows XP, and force customers to move on to newer versions of Windows. They are not trying to destroy it, however; they are simply following standard service life procedures.

How to Stop Booting the Wrong Version of Windows

Booting the Wrong Version of Windows happens for a couple of different reasons,and fixing this problem is not as easy as it should be. Unfortunately, Windows does not offer a sufficiently accessible tool or shortcut that allows the user to easily configure its double booting option.

How to Reinstall Windows Defender

If you uninstalled Windows Defender due to problems and want to try it again, or it is not loading, and you don’t know why, learn about how to reinstall Windows Defender or enable it again so that it loads.

Windows 7 Theme for XP

So what if you could not upgrade your computer to Win7. You have several Windows 7 themes for XP available on the Internet. This article picks three of the most reviewed Windows 7 themes for XP so that you can select the best one to make your computer screen look like the Windows 7 OS.