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Windows XP Shutdown Problem: An Introduction

Windows XP shut down, automatic reboot problem is not new. After finishing the day’s work, you click “Turn Off” assuming Windows will close the machine. Often, this does not happen due to Windows XP restart problem. As soon as it seems to shut down and you think you can leave the workstation, you see Windows XP rebooting again.

Many of us have experienced the Windows shutdown problem among many other Windows XP problems. In most cases, the problem is related to Software Compatibility Issue, Recovery option, or a BIOS problem. Sometimes corrupt hardware drivers also contribute to the Windows XP Shutdown problem.

If Windows XP reboots after you try to shut it down, you can check and download latest device drivers from your machine’s official site. This may fix Windows XP reboot problem. If it does not, then you need to troubleshoot Windows XP further as detailed in next section.

Tip for Faster Windows Shutdown: You can set your computer to shut down upon pressing the power button by going to the Display Properties window (by Right Clicking on some empty area on the Desktop). Select the Screen Saver tab and then click on the Power button. In the resultant dialog box, select the Advanced Tab. Here you will find the option “When I press the Power Button on my Computer.” You can set the option to Shut Down. This way you can tweak the OS for faster Windows shutdown.

Windows XP Shut Down and Automatic Reboot Problem - Software Compatibilities

If downloading hardware updates from the manufacturer’s website does not fix the problem, you need to think a little. Try to recollect when the problem started. If the problem of Windows shut down, reboot is occurring after you installed some specific software, chances are that the software is creating problems.

The first option to troubleshoot Windows XP in this case is to go to the software’s official website and check if any kind of patch is available. If yes, you need to download the software and install on the machine. If the problem of reboot persists even if you installed the patch, try uninstalling the software. Once the software is removed from the system, run a registry cleaning software. After cleaning the registry, try XP Shutdown. (One of the known cases is the incompatibility of Roxio Video Player. The Roxio Website has a patch to fix the problem)

If it was the software incompatibility causing the problem, then uninstalling the software should solve the problem. If the problem persists, then the software is not to blame and you may reinstall it. The next step for Windows shutdown and reboot problem is to check the System Recovery Options.

Troubleshoot Windows XP Shutdown and Restart Problem: Fixing the System Recovery Options

You need to turn off the Automatic Reboot option under the System Recovery Options, which is set to Automatically Reboot in case of any fatal error. Chances are that there is some error occurring while your machine is shutting down. This causes Windows XP to reboot on shutdown. To turn off the Automatic Reboot, right click the My Computer icon and select Properties. In the resultant dialog box, select the Advanced Tab. In the Advanced Page, click Settings under Startup and Recovery Options. In the window that opens, uncheck the box beside Automatically Reboot and then click OK.

Once you are done with this, try to Shutdown Windows using either the Power button or the Start Menu. If the machine is able to shut down properly, your Windows Troubleshooting attempt was a success. If it still reboots, then the final resort is to check out the BIOS option.

How to Reset BIOS to fix Windows XP Reboot problem

A problem with the power interface can cause Windows XP Shutdown problem. In this case, it is recommended to reset the BIOS and see if the Windows XP is able to shutdown normally.

To reset the BIOS, plug off the computer. Remove the case and from the motherboard, remove the cell. Re-insert the battery after five minutes, close the case, and power ON the computer.

If a new version is available for your computer, download the latest version of the BIOS update from the manufacturer’s site. After installing the newer version of the BIOS, you should be able to get rid of Windows XP automatic reboot problem.

Windows XP Shutdown Problem - Troubleshooting Summary

In most cases, you will not need to make any changes to the BIOS. Still, it is recommended that you install the latest fix from your machine’s manufacturer for the BIOS. The major cause of the Windows XP Shutdown and Restart problem is the incompatibility of some software with your copy of Windows XP. Remove the software and the problem of Windows Shutdown Reboots is solved.

If none of the above Windows troubleshooting tips work and you know the date from when you are facing the Windows XP automatic reboot problem, you can try system restore. However, you will lose any changes made to the computer after the said date.

If everything fails and you cannot get rid of the problem, the problem may lie with the SMPS (power unit). You will have to contact the local authorized service center for your machine to fix Windows automatic reboot problem.

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